Wednesday, September 19, 2007

A good distraction

The day after my first date with the adorable Teen Crush*, he texted that he had a wonderful night, and was "really" looking forward to seeing me again. Very giddy-making indeed! After a few text exchanges, we set up a date for this weekend. I'm smiling now just thinking about him.

After what felt like an interminable wait, (a few days after our last date) I got a typically understated e-mail from UN. In the past, I think it's been about 50/50 in terms of who's initiated contact -- this time, I decided that it would be him, as a way of trying to gauge his interest. I shocked myself with my self-restraint -- either I'm getting stronger, OR I'm finding it easier now that there's another potential interest in the picture. So now we're in planning limbo, as we try to sort out our schedules and figure out when we can get together. I'm still planning to have "the talk"!

* Please note: I do NOT have a crush on a teenager! See previous post for blog name explanation.

first date with Teen Crush:
Date #103: Teen Crush
When I was about 12 or 13 years old, I had my first crush ever, the son of some new friends of my parents, and he was just charming and adorable. Tonight’s date wasn’t actually that boy (imagine if he had turned up!) but looked enough like him that I did a double-take when we first met.

Some strolling, some wine – plenty to talk about, and I think I sensed a connection. At the end of the date, he told me he’d had a really nice time, and hoped we could get together again soon. Only a few hours together, and I sensed a level of warmth that I don’t think I’ve ever felt with UN. I know – it’s wrong to compare – but it’s unavoidable.


a&v said...

Points definitely go to Teen Crush!

Cute Jewess said...

Do you want to have "The talk" now that you also like Teen Crush? What if you and UN decide to be exclusive, thereby getting rid of Teen Crush? Or what if UN asks if *you're* seeing anyone else? Maybe wait until after you see TC again, so you can gauge your interest in him? Just a thought.

Samantha said...

Very exciting developments! But I agree with CJ, what happens if you have the talk with UN and he wants to be exclusive? Maybe wait if you want to explore your feelings with Teen Crush

Loverville said...

Very valid points. One good thing, I should be seeing Teen Crush again before I see UN, so that might influence "the talk".

Also, I wasn't planning for "the talk" to be an "are we exclusive?" talk... just taking a temperature. I'd be very shocked if UN said he wanted us to be exclusive right now -- I think that's highly unlikely.