Saturday, September 8, 2007

UN, you mysterious man, you...

Another date planned with UN this weekend – this is something like our 5th or 6th date, and I have a feeling a sleepover may be involved for the first time. Will have to see if it feels “right” in the moment.

I like him, but as I’ve written earlier, I’m having trouble getting a vibe from him. He’s certainly fun, funny, witty, very smart, and I enjoy the times I’ve spent with him – but he’s not the gushy type. Probably a good thing, in hindsight – it seems that the gushy guys who adore you quickly seem to disappear just as quickly. (Hello, Smiles…. hi, Big Smile, of Cute Jewess fame… ha, just realized the coincidence of the similar blog names for these guys!).

I know, I know… it’s good to take it slowly, and all that. Just give me a sign, dude!

Someone mentioned this to me recently: the main way to tell a guy is into you (early on) isn’t by what he says – it’s what he does, especially in how quickly he calls or gets in touch to plan the next date. UN has been (generally) pretty reliable in this respect.

The usual “wait and see” approach applies. (not easy for impatient me!)


londongirl said...

I'm totally with you here - I'm always itching to know where I stand with someone!! I think the advice of judge by actions not words is key though.

Good luck with UN!

pt said...

If you want to get rid of him, sleep with him.

If you want him to keep calling, don't.

Simple as that.

Loverville said...

LG -- exactly, you just blogged about this.

PT -- yikes, that's kind of harsh! Just wondering, you really think after a month is too soon to sleep with someone? What's your *ideal* time to wait?

pt said...

time frame is irrelevent here. everything you've written about this guy is that you have no sense of him whatsoever. so what's your object? to corral him as a boyfriend? to have a fling? to see if he will open up? to get him to stop calling? you sound ambivalent about this guy and hope someone better will come along. fine if you want another notch on your lipstick case, but somehow i would be astonished if by winter you were gushing over UN as "le un," to practice my French.

Anonymous said...

pt said it right. If you make things easy for this guy without even being sure if he's worth your time, he's going to think either 1) you give it away easily, or 2) you're really into him without really knowing who he is.