Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Good advice

When I started this blog, I simply wanted to vent and share stories about how ridiculous dating in NYC can be… and to get feedback and advice from anyone who may be in a similar situation.

I’m in a slightly different place now. I know full well that it’s still early with TC – and one can only guess where this may lead -- but I’m in a happy place with him right now, and feeling optimistic about “us”.

When I wondered aloud about telling him about the blog, there were some pretty strong responses (THANK YOU for those, by the way!). Pretty much opened my eyes. True – just because a few close friends and a dozen or so strangers know about my recent dating history, does the guy I’m dating need to know? Would I want to read the equivalent of HIS blog, if he had one? (who knows, maybe he does…?) The answer to both of those is a resounding NO.

So not only have I decided NOT to share the blog with him (probably not ever)… I’ve also decided to put most of the posts from the past 8 months in the vault. Sure, I’ll have a laugh over them from time to time, but for now? I just don’t want or need to have them “out there”.

Wish me (continued) luck! Especially this weekend: we’re going to a party with quite a few of my friends, most of whom TC will be meeting for the first time. He’s met a couple of my friends in recent weeks (I’ve met some of his as well) – but this will be the first time so many will be gathered in one spot. He’s already told me that he’s looking forward to it – he’s a good egg. (ha! That’s an expression my grandma would have used!)

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pt said...

I agree you should absolutely not tell him. There's no good to come of it and possibly some harm. Besides, most guys aren't even interested in this stuff. So it's a neutral or a negative.

But why rock the boat at this early and delicious stage?

Good luck!