Monday, October 29, 2007

Happy Monday

I’m happy to say… I *think* TC and I are back in the Good Place!

I had an intimate little cocktail party last night with TC and a dozen of my dearest friends (both guys and girls). He had met a few of them before, so I wasn’t completely throwing him into the (friendly!) fire.

I was in a bit of a tizzy as I flitted about pouring drinks, prepping food, greeting new people. TC is the perfect party guest – he has no problem chatting with new people, while checking in with me every so often and helping out. When I saw that he was washing dishes at one point (unasked)… well, I couldn’t help but fall in “like” with him just a little bit more.

We didn’t have a chance to have much alone time, but that should come in the next few days. It was no surprise that my friends thought he was a lovely guy – he liked them as well.

As is often the case with these parties, it was a blur, and I felt that I didn’t have a chance to talk to each person as much as I’d like. However, it was a (re)confirmation that I’m very lucky have a group of fabulous friends – who (thankfully!) like my cooking.

As for TC – I can’t help but think that he wouldn’t have spent a whole evening with my friends if he didn’t see “us” continuing. For now, I’m OK with letting my doubts of the past week go by the wayside. Here’s hoping…!


sexagenarian and the city said...

a dishwasher & a chatter: that's a winning combination. hoping for the very best.

jgo said...

Sounds like all is worried. Glad you didnt freak out on him about it.

jess said...

yay!! I am sure everything is more than fine. I can't imagine a guy who is ready to leave a relationship hanging with the firends and even more, washing dishes! He sounds like a total keeper.

Heather said...


londongirl said...

He washed the dishes unasked???? I'd say that's a pretty good sign he's keen!