Friday, October 5, 2007

TC update... and finally, the talk with UN

It's been a fabulous week -- spent lots of time with Teen Crush. Actually, I think we were teetering on the edge of spending *too* much time together, but he’s about to go out of town for a week. I sensed that we both were trying to condense in as much together time as possible before then.

And, well, all these events kept popping up: in New York, it seems that you always have a friend whose band is playing, or is giving a reading, or is in a play in a little black box somewhere downtown. This week I happily accompanied TC to see his friend perform, and he came with me to a similar event for my friend -- both of us meeting the other's friends in the process. This can be quite daunting, the meeting of the friends, but in both cases it was as smooth as could be. Even fun. My friend e-mailed me the next day, saying she thought he was a cutie (he is indeed!) and that we looked great together (I agree!).

And when he mentioned his friend who I have to meet, who is coming to town in a few weeks? I mainly heard the “in a few weeks” part – a not-so-subtle suggestion that he sees this as a good thing that he’d like to continue – as I do. (if that didn’t come across already!)

UN update: FINALLY, after days of left messages, we had “the talk” today. Cute Jewess urged me NOT to use the old cliché of “you’re a great guy, but…”, and I took her advice. After some small talk about how busy each of our jobs has been lately, I finally asked if he had a moment to talk, then nervously launched into my speech: while I’ve had a fun time with him, I just wasn’t feeling the kind of connection I was looking for. His response: he was very sweet and gracious – said he totally understood, that it wasn’t the sort of thing you could make happen. A bit more small talk – “we should still meet up to go biking one of these days, if you like” – and that was that.

He’s about to go out of town as well – he has a fabulous lengthy vacation planned. I actually could see us staying friends. After all, I liked him as a person – I just didn’t really feel a romantic connection between us.

SO glad that’s out of the way! Good dating karma is important. Well... just good karma in general.


Samantha said...

Really excited for you about Teen Crush!!!!!! And I am really proud of you for being so honest and respectful to UN. That is definitely something to be happy about as well. Hopefully that is something he will pay forward as well.

Can't wait to hear more about you and TC!

sexagenarian and the city said...

well done w. UN; very kindly & thoughtfully. that kind of talk can be _so_ difficult. and i'm very happy for you abt TC...may things continue to go well. a little break can be good; allows you space to breathe & confirm all the good feelings.

Anonymous said...

What does teen crush look like? Just curious.

pt said...

how interesting that you didn't tell UN you were disengaging because you had met someone else/better!

it doesn't sound like he was begging you to stay.

TC is the first guy I like.
Good luck from the P(essimis)T.

Loverville said...

Sam: thanks! I really couldn't have done it any other way.

SITC: re: the break, let's hope so!

Anon: given the nature of this blog, of course, I can't say too much -- I CAN say that he's totally my type! Great smile (that he uses a lot), amazing, full head of hair, not too tall/not too short.

Oh PT: your usual snarkiness! No need for me to mention TC to UN, especially since I had doubts about UN even before TC came along. As far as him not "begging me to stay" -- would YOU do that with a woman you had only casually dated? Hope not.