Sunday, November 18, 2007

In a happy place

My first night with TC in over a week was a mellow, lovely, wine-filled evening, just enjoying each other’s company. There’s something special about that first hug and kiss when you haven’t seen someone in a while – it just feels like a deeper, more meaningful embrace.

At one point I was telling him some story about my trip, when he interrupted me to say, “you’re really pretty!”. I smiled and got a bit flustered – but felt myself glowing in his compliment.

I eventually got up the nerve to ask if he’d like to meet up with me on my upcoming trip next month (I was so nervous!) – and while I expected him to say there was no way he’d be able to make it, I was pleasantly surprised when he said he’d think about it! He has to check with work first. He actually has some distant family in that country, family he hasn’t seen in many years. So yay for the “maybe”!

This led me to think – if he comes on the trip, chances are, we’ll spend some time with my parents there. Probably best to introduce them before the trip – which would mean the big Meet the Parents moment would happen sometime next month. How daunting! Luckily, I don’t have to think about this just yet… will wait to see if he’s on board for the trip, then worry about it.

Not that there's really anything to *worry* about... my parents are fun, wonderful people, and there's no doubt that they'd adore TC. It's just such a big step, meeting the parents for the first time. It states loud and clear that you're serious about this person.

Anyway... no need to think about this at this moment!

As far as my ongoing insecurities about “us” -- one thing I need to keep in mind: a while ago, I re-read old journal entries from when I first started dating Kosher Guy (which turned into a four-year relationship), and found myself wondering why I was so angst-ridden about him early on… why not just relax, and enjoy the new-ness of the relationship? I have to remind myself that about TC. Enjoy these early days. He’s giving every indication that he’s enjoying this as well – and he seems like a very honest, straightforward person.

I’ll continue to keep my guard up – but I have to remember not to get antsy if one of his e-mails isn’t as romantic as the previous one, or if we go a day or two without talking.

Good news! My weight is down to a new recent low – as of this morning, it’s 131.6! Big huzzah! Before my most recent business trip, I felt huge – bad PMS, not paying attention to the crap that I was eating, no time to go to the gym. In the few days since I’ve been home, my usual, um, "healthy" appetite has diminished somewhat. If I can get below 130 before the holidays, I’ll be ecstatic!


Heather said...

hooray for the maybe! sounds good to me--i think you have the right approach to your rship with TC.

And congrats on the weight loss! :)

Craig said...

Hey Loverville, I know you're "out of the game" for the moment, but what do you think of this proposed law that would require dating sites to disclose whether or not they perform criminal background checks on customers? Is that an invasion of privacy? Maybe they should only disclose some crimes, but then again, it's kind of a slippery slope...

Anyway, I was curious as to your opinion as a long-time online dater!

londongirl said...

I'm loving hearing about this - and may your good luck rub off on me!!

And yay too re the weight loss. Sadly I'm going the opposite direction, despite huge amounts of exercise and I'm not sure why. very very annoying...

midnite99 said...

Congrats - sounds like things are going very well boy-wise and weight-wise and everything-wise! Happy Thanksgiving...and p.s., you've been tagged on my blog.

djahna said...

Don't worry about the Meet the Parents thing.. It's actually something to celebrate about. It's a signal that the relationship is getting a tad deeper!! :)

acaligurl said...

"weigh" to go on the lbs loss.