Sunday, January 20, 2008

Date #104: Skydiver

(ie, this is my 104th “first date” since my last serious relationship ended, nearly 3 years ago… and my first “first date” in over 4 months)
Quick summary:
· cuter than I had expected
· total gentleman – insisted on not only picking up dinner (he chose the restaurant – good spot), but after-dinner cocktails as well at another bar
· good conversation
· seemingly good connection – quick kiss goodnight, but discussed plans to get together later in the week
· one of the best things about him? He doesn’t do internet dating (this only came up briefly, and we didn’t get into MY own internet dating history).

Nice time, but still – no expectations. One date at a time.

Lots of social events planned with friends this week: a dinner party, some volunteering, a screening, an “intercambio” (dinner with a friend who is going to help me with my Spanish).

In a nutshell, lots of “me” time, with a sprinkling of good friends thrown in!


Cute Jewess said...

Sounds like a great first date and a great first date after not dating for a while first date, hon!

Heather said...

sounds great!! Glad it went well.