Wednesday, January 16, 2008


Quick one before dashing to work (I’m a bit wary / superstitious about being on my blog in the office!).

THANK YOU to everyone for your words of support! I’ve read and re-read them and feel very warm and fuzzy to have received this sort of response. So really – thanks. It means a lot.

My “real life” friends have also been amazing. Lots of social events planned – had a rousing, voice-losing night of karaoke with CJ and other friends. Some parties and happy hours coming up – very much looking forward to the weekend.

And… Skydiver (the friend of a friend who spotted me on Mutual Friend’s Facebook page) left a message, asking if I’d like to get together this weekend. Nice!

Don’t get me wrong: since I last wrote, there have definitely been quite a few teary moments over the breakup with TC (despite what I wrote before, now I’m acknowledging – yes, it’s a breakup). I even had a bit of a cry in front of my boss when I told her the news – very embarrassing, but thankfully, it’s a casual office, and I’ve known her for years. She was wonderfully supportive, and gave me a big hug.

But overall, I’m very much relieved to not be in limbo any longer. TC and I haven’t been in touch since “the talk”, probably for the best. I’m certainly not going to be the one to make contact next. I’m sure we can be friends down the road… in time.

[One “silver lining” to the breakup – leading up to it, and for a day or two after, my appetite was just GONE, and I felt myself becoming a bit slimmer. Now that I’m getting over it? Appetite coming back. Damn!]


acaligurl said...

thru your heartbreak you are very clear headed and reasonable!! wishes you happiness in '08.
i have to check this face book out. i am so behind the times!!!

Mo said...

I finally got to catch up on all the goings on! I am so sorry I am so behind on the details. I was hoping it would work out but I really feel after reading that you made the right move. It would be so much worse to keep it going, wasting time and stressing you out. When it is right, it will just flow and not require much thought at all. You are very strong. Keep on going!

Tess said...

Crying is ok and with the appetite coming back, you are heading to closure. Keep it up. And don't expect too much from Skydiver, just enjoy him if he is worth enjoying.