Friday, February 1, 2008

Plenty of (stinky) Fish

I promised myself that I’d hold off on dating for a few more weeks – at least til mid-February, after my next business trip. And I just may still do that – but in the meantime…

Remember UN? We dated for about two months last summer, and while I enjoyed his company, I questioned whether I felt enough of a “zing” to continue dating him. Then I met TC, and things became much clearer – I ended it with UN, but felt that we might be able to stay friends down the road.

I recently wrote to him, asking him to return some DVDs I had loaned him. (also added some niceties – happy new year, and all that). A few e-mails later, and we’ve made plans to meet for a drink next week (where he’ll ostensibly return the DVDs).

I can’t help but wonder if anything of a romantic nature will happen. After all, I did have a good time with him last summer – we have a lot in common. And of course, hindsight being 20/20 and all that… when playing the “compare the exes” game, in many ways, he’s a better fit for me than TC was. In some respects (that I don’t want to get into here), TC was 30-something going on 20-something. (and yes, this was in the back of my mind while we were dating, but I didn’t want to allow myself to acknowledge it at the time!)

Enough over-analyzing! Ack, when given a chance, my mind wanders like a five-year-old in a shopping mall. Chances are, the drink with UN will be just that, with a platonic hug goodnight, and my DVDs in my hand.

In other dating news… I haven’t felt the desire to commit financially to J-date or Match just yet, but I’ve been doing a bit of browsing, and haven’t been very inspired. As I wrote to Cute Jewess – I feel like I’ve already gone out with half the guys that pop up on J-date.

Not long ago, someone here suggested trying one of the free dating sites, like Oy! I’m still trying to keep an open mind, but so far on POF I’ve encountered:
(a) way too many pics of shirtless guys
(b) enough typos to give a high school English teacher a coronary
(c) the guy in the wife-beater, squatting in front of his convertible -- classy!
(d) off-putting pop-up ads, eg,

Amidst the above, as of this writing there are two guys who have caught my eye. Some e-mails have been exchanged, but no phone calls as of yet – stay tuned. I’m still feeling a bit dating/rusty – besides Skydiver, I haven’t been on a first date in nearly five months. Eh – like riding a bicycle, I’m sure.


mimi of 'sexagenarian and the city' said...

i know what you mean; i feel i've gone out with _every_ eligible man on jdate. and the ones i haven't gone out with have rejected me, or i've rejected them, at some pre-date stage of acquaintance. as prufrock says, 'i have known them all already, known them all...'

eH-what said...

beware of the POF...

jgo said... is the better free site.

Samantha said...

Hahaha! I said exactly this to some of my friends last week - "I feel like I’ve already gone out with half the guys that pop up on J-date."

I guess I'm trying to weed through the other half now, lol

Have fun with UN!

midnite99 said...

Over-analyzing? Welcome to the club, hon. :) Keep the good attitude -- taking time to figure out what you want and what you're ready for, appreciating the guys worthy of catching your eye among the JDate masses, etc.

Anonymous said...

so what if you're feeling rusty when it comes to dating. it's not that being experienced at it makes anyone any better at it!

val said...

From a man's point of view, UN could misconstrue your asking for those DVDs back, like you want something else. It's totally up to you when you see him but do be careful. You might get hurt again in the process.

Trouble said...

please feel free to forward them to me. ;) I don't really peruse j-date or plenty o' fish, so I'm sure I'm missing all the idiots there.

Loverville said...

Mimi: so true... which is why I'm trying other dating sites (though still seeing a lot of J-guys on these sites!)

Eh: why "beware"? I think they're just cheesey.

JGO: I just tried that as well. POF has cheesey guys, and it seems that OKCupid has weirdos.

Samantha: thanks... good luck with the other half! (of course, they're all too young, or too old...!)

Midnight: oy, I'm queen of over-analyzing!

Anon: true that!

Val: thanks for the warning -- I have a feeling it'll be easy and platonic.

Trouble: you should give it a shot!

Mo said...

I nearly spit out my drink when I read "the guy in the wife beater in from of his convertible"! You are too funny. Hang in there. You are an expert at weeding them out.

I hope your trip went well!

Anonymous said...

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