Sunday, February 17, 2008

She's back!

I’m back from my South American business trip -- it was a great time, not as stressful as past business trips have been. Too much booze and meat consumption, however!

Alas, there were no encounters with sexy South American men, but there was that fun night with Quasi Ex during my stopover…

As expected, there just wasn’t enough time together, only a few hours – but the time we did have was incredibly hot. I don’t see him as boyfriend material, but it would be nice to get together more often for a spontaneous tete a tete. Alas, he’s a three-hour flight away.

In other dating news:

Good Voice: we had that one good date (#105), then I went out of town – and this week he’s away, but we made plans to get together when he gets back. He made it pretty clear that he’s looking forward to a second date.

Other New Guy: we have plans for this week. His profile seems to indicate that he’s not looking for anything serious at the moment – and I feel that I could use just a bit of fun for now – so from here on in, let's call him Fun Bobby.

Young Musician: I haven’t decided what to do about this situation yet. I could meet him for a drink, and just see what happens. Could be interesting, yes?


Would love to get your thoughts on this: (as usual, I’m overthinking things!)

When TC and I ended things over a month ago, I told him that I’d like to possibly be friends down the road, but for now, we should just have some distance. He said fine, best of luck, etc.

Well – I was pretty surprised to get a mass e-mail from him the other day, reaching out to his friends in his search for a new apartment. I mentioned it to a friend, adding that he probably just sent it to his whole address book – her response was that this sort of thing is seldom an accident. He could have easily have chosen not to include me in that list. In NO way do I think this is an effort on his part to rekindle things – but still, WTF?

One thing I do know for sure – it jolted me a bit with the realization that I’m not entirely over him yet. Crap. These days, I find that I don’t think about him that much, but when I do, it leaves me feeling quite melancholy.

For the record, I have no plans to respond to his e-mail. Not now.


Anonymous said...

Sorry, but you're right. He sent it to his entire address book. Guys don't overthink things like we do.

Dating Trooper - Dating is Warfare said...

Welcome back LV. Not only should you not respond to his mass email, but you should not respond emotionally either - it's just a guy looking for an apartment. And if it still gets you this riled up to see his name in your inbox, then delete it and wait some more til it passes. It's hard but you're doing the right thing - traveling, working and dating!

Anonymous said...

I agree w/both posters...most importantly, ignore it. I personally would not be interested in being freinds w/him, esp in light of the change of his status. That totally changed my view of TC. It is completely understandable that you would get a jolt seeing his name...I would be shocked if you did not. Just keep doing what you are doing...having fun! Jess

mimi of 'sexagenarian and the city' said...

thoughtless of TC. Do not help him find an apartment; ignore his messages. sometimes if i get a message [of any kind] that really annoys me, i send a fake 'away from my desk' message in response. those are always irritating to receive (e.g. "I am away from my desk right now. Your message is important to me, and I will respond soon." translation: fuck off).

the line-up sounds promising. GOOD.

eH-what said...

If he wanted to get in touch with you, he would have one-on-one,--not through some mass emailing and if he included you it's probably because you live in the same city. You proclaimed an interest in friendship, so, he thinks it's fine. If you're not fine about this (which you apparently are not),--then there is no point. Often the concept of friendship sounds good at the time as you don't want to lose everything, but if this impersonal email throws you, then it's not worth it. Have fun, you've got a posse waiting for you!

midnite99 said...

Exactly as the others have said -- guys don't overthink the way we do. Let it go...and focus on Good Vocie, Fun Bobby, and the young'un. :)