Thursday, February 21, 2008

When it rains...

Truly – when it rains, it pours. I have quite a few dates lined up in the near future – there’s a chance that I may become overwhelmed – or at the very least confused as far as what stories I’ve shared with whom. But at this point, I’m feeling quite flirty and non-committal, so my plan is to have fun while it lasts.

The current lineup:

Earlier this week, I went on my 106th first date since my last serious relationship ended three years ago. Date #106 was with Fun Bobby – it was a very easy-going, good time. I felt as if I’d known him for longer than the few hours we spent together – but I wonder if I’m projecting – he looks a little like my friend, Good Hair Guy. (I’ve given him this moniker of “Fun Bobby” because his profile indicates that he’s a little unsure if he’s looking for a serious relationship right now – I’ve considered myself warned!)

Within a few days he e-mailed to say he’d had a lovely time, and asked if I was free to get together again this weekend. Plans are in place.

Then there’s Good Voice – date number two is set for next week. I can’t help but compare him to TC, who was in limbo with his career, and felt that that translated to his overall life (including dating). GV is very much together – quite successful, in fact – and this is refreshing in comparison. I certainly would never date a guy just because he was well-off – but I feel that I’ve reached a certain level of success in my career, so it’s not unreasonable to want the same in a potential partner. (obviously, he has many other qualities that I like – otherwise, I wouldn’t be considering a second date with him!)

Another newbie is Neighbor Dude, who lives just a few blocks from me. Good connection so far via e-mail and during first phone convo – plans are in place for this weekend. It’s hard to get a read on his pics – one is rather attractive, the other, less so.

Then there’s U.N. – remember him, from last summer? We’ve been in touch recently, and have plans for a drink next week. I have a feeling this will be a platonic get-together – BUT I liked him as a person that last time (just didn’t feel that ‘zing’) – I’m willing to take another chance to see if there’s any chance of zing. If not, he’s the kind of person I could see keeping as a friend.

One more: the FOF – Friend of a Friend (note: I initially gave him a different name, but worried that it might be too identifying). Background: we had one date last month, but he said he needed more time “off” after his recent breakup. I respected that, and appreciated his honesty. I wrote to him recently with a work-related question – after a few e-mails, we made plans to meet for a drink next week. I’m going into this with the mindset that it may just be platonic – but if something were to happen? That would be a nice bonus – I can’t explain it, there’s something I like about this guy. Maybe it’s because we have a friend in common, which makes him less anonymous than the guys I meet through the internet?

Oh – I have my eye on one more: I’m going to call him McLovin. My friend C is friends with him, and thought he’d be my type – when I checked out his MySpace page, I immediately fell in “like” with his pictures (as much as a sane 30-something reasonably can!). Great head of hair, nice smile, that Jewish New York look that I tend to go for. I just need to get more info on him. (C, if you’re reading this – let’s discuss soon!) There may be a possibility of a group outing in the near future – less pressure that way.

More thoughts / details on serial dating to follow!


mimi of sexagenarian and the city said...

sounds wonderful. you must be projecting something....a confident glow perhaps. have a great time this weekend.

Samantha said...

I LOVE your attitude about dating. It's awesome!

jgo said...

Nice lineup LV. Rock that.

Trish Ryan said...

Love the nicknames!

I tried serial dating once but I'm not so great at multitasking...I found myself saying, "I told you that, didn't I?" about 13 times a day.

Loverville said...

Trish -- that is EXACTLY what happens! I find myself asking my date, "did I already tell you this story...?"

That might have to be my next blog post...