Sunday, March 30, 2008

The "B" word...?

This was a first: Good Voice met some of my friends this weekend at an informal dinner party. AND he mentioned the “B” word. (which B word, you ask? Read on…)

Whenever you bring a new romantic interest to a gathering like this, it provides new insight into his personality. Does he mingle easily with others? Or does he cling to you, expecting you to entertain him?

Thankfully (but not surprisingly) – Good Voice passed with flying colors. He was charming and amicable, and was happy to chat with people on his own if I happened to be in another room. After, he told me that he was happy to have been introduced to that part of my world. Later, the report from two friends was an enthusiastic “I like him!”.

Another development: earlier in the night, when we were heading to the party, GV asked me about his choice of clothing. He was dressed in all black, and asked something along the lines of "will your friends think your boyfriend is depressed if he's wearing all black?". Hmmm... did someone say boyfriend?! (we’ve yet to have “THE” talk)

I reassured him that he looked very nice, and was dressed appropriately – but in the back of my mind I was savoring his use of the B word. It was on the tip of my tongue to ask him about it jokingly – but I felt that even joking about it would carry some weight, leading to a discussion about “us”. And I’m feeling resolute that it’s still too early for that – and that I want HIM to be the one to bring it up – eventually.

However, I later came to sense that he may have used this B word loosely, and he probably doesn't think about semantics the way I do. This seemed apparent when we talked about a guy my friend M has been seeing -- GV made a reference to her "boyfriend", and I corrected him, saying the guy wasn't a boyfriend, more of a fling. He dismissed it, "oh, whatever". Ah.

Regardless, things seem to be moving along nicely. I’m liking him more and more – which is slowly resulting in more angst-ridden thoughts of how much does he like me – where is this going – will we be OK even though I have a lengthy out-of-town trip coming up? (more on that later)

So much for all my mellow / relaxed / one-day-at-a-time blather! Oy -- I should have known that was too good to last!


Dating Trooper - Dating is Warfare said...

You are probably right that he was using the B word loosely. BUT, the fact that he was willing to meet your friends and made an effort to make a good impression on them.. THAT is far more telling (in a good way) than a stupid word like boyfriend. So yay for you!

a&v said...

Yay! I'm glad this went well! And even though the B-word may have been used loosely, he probably wouldn't have used it if he weren't interested in actually being your B. Maybe he wanted to see your reaction ... Ok, I'm probably overthinking it, as per usual! In any case: all very good news.

Single Girl said...

I have to agree with a&v here with his use of boyfriend. He wouldn't have used it if he weren't interested in possibly being it. But, like the dating trooper said, it says a lot that he was ready to meet your friends and cared what they think of him. Yay! Sounds like things are going very well!

Anonymous said...

You don't have to have the talk, dear. He's your "boyfriend"! If you feel it, it is true. He said it because he feels that way. I think that was confirmation enough. Just enjoy him and yourself. You seem like a great girl. Don't be scared of the future. You can handle it. You are handling the present great!

Samantha said...

I agree with everyone else. He may be using it loosely, but if he had a problem being your boyfriend, he wouldn't have used it at all. And meeting your friends shows he cares about your life. All good things

Trish Ryan said...

The one day at a time perspective is tough to maintain, especially if he's tossing the B word around...I don't think too many guys do that casually. Still though, you have some fun things to think about while wondering :)

Cara said...

I agree with you. He should be the one to properly bring up the topic.