Friday, March 28, 2008

Birthday dilemma

Good Voice's birthday is coming up soon.

So far, I have a surprise dinner planned at a romantic-sounding new restaurant -- it sounds like it'll be a lovely evening, though not over-the-top expensive. I've thought about also buying him a gift certificate for a class in which he's expressed interest... but do you think that's too much?

My friend M suggested that in a case like this, perhaps less is more. After all, it hasn't even been two months since our first date (with occasional gaps due to one of us being out of town). We haven't had the "exclusive" talk yet, but we either talk on the phone or e-mail quite regularly, about every other day.

In a nutshell: I like this guy, and would like to do something thoughtful for him. But should I save these gestures for down the road, if / when we're a bit more established?



Anonymous said...

I think the gc is a bit much. THe dinner sounds lovely and perfect. Wow, it is really hard when he has the first "occasion." I am thinking a small token gift, depending on his interests. Like, a cool book reading light, cheap yet my husband picked one up for me and I love it. Something that fits. jessica

a&v said...

I also think I'd stick with just the dinner. This sort of thing is always tricky, and I don't envy you! Do what feels right--if you're questioning that something might be over the top, it probably is. I'm glad things continue to go well!

Anonymous said...

What about pretending you forgot about his birthday?

That is a test to see how much he is into you.

Better to under-do than over-do things.

At two months, if you talk on the phone only every other day, that is not the best sign, sorry to say. Because he does sound like a good guy.

midnite99 said...

Glad things are still going well with GV! I'm with the first anon and a&v - I think dinner is a sweet and considerate gesture, but the gift certificate is too much until you're well-established as a couple. (And doesn't it suck when a new guy has a birthday so soon after you start dating? I hastened the end of things with Photo Boy to avoid that...)

Single Girl said...

I'm with the others, I think just dinner is good, anything more might be too much and you don't want to overwhelm him. It really does suck when the guy has the first thing to celebrate, it's hard to set the bar! Stick with dinner, I think that's your best bet. And I wouldn't worry about talking every other day, I think it's good to take things slow.

bella said...

What's up with anonymous? Is he/she kidding? Please ignore what they wrote.

I agree about skipping the gift certificate. Go with the dinner. In fact, I'll throw it out there that it might be nice to make him dinner instead?

If you feel you want to add a gift, I would buy a book. It's simple yet personal, and not too emotionally heavy, yet shows you were thinking of him.

Have fun! This sounds great.

Loverville said...

I agree (with most of you) -- dinner is just fine, and I might get a book as well (on a topic we'd discussed) -- Bella, funny that you mentioned that!

re: anon -- pretending I'd forgotten about his birthday is a cold, thoughtless idea. And I'm happy that we're taking this at a slow, steady pace -- no need to rush things in these early days.

Dating Trooper - Dating is Warfare said...

Smart group of commenters here (with one or two little exceptions)..I agree with them. Going too over the top might make it seem like you are 'forcing' the exclusive talk. Glad things are going well and I'm sure he'll be happy with the effort you already made over dinner. Enjoy!

Samantha said...

I agree and think taking him out to dinner is perfect. No need for the gift card.