Saturday, March 22, 2008

Hi honey, I'm home!

Got back a few days ago from my business trip – it was one of those places where the people were lovely and hospitable, and the food was wayyyy too good! I think I’ve put on a few pounds this past week, will have to get into “warrior woman” workout mode to take them off, stat.

I was in touch with Good Voice a few times over the week, and even got to hear his lovely, deep voice on the phone a few times. He made it clear that he missed me, and was looking forward to seeing me when I came home.

I was quite busy during my trip, and didn’t have a whole lot of time to pine for him – but at one point, while sending a late-night e-mail to a friend about him, I had a sudden longing for him. And it felt good to miss him, knowing that he was missing me as well.

I’m feeling a good vibe here… and yet it’s not that drunken, heady feeling that I had in the beginning with TC. Maybe that’s a good thing? As I told shrink recently – even from the beginning with TC, I felt like it was too good to last, that I’d have the rug pulled out from under me. Looking back, the rug wasn’t exactly pulled out – but the warning signs that he didn’t really want to get serious were there (after a month or so), I just chose to ignore them at the time.

I don’t feel that with Good Voice. It really does feel like a nice, mellow, “one day at a time” vibe. Maybe because I feel pretty confident that he likes me as well? Maybe it’s because, even before I left town, we had already made plans for when I returned -- and he called and e'd regularly while I was away.

Funny – as I recently wrote to a friend: I find that I’m NOT obsessing about him as much as I usually do over other guys, and find myself worrying about THAT fact… does this mean I don’t like him that much? Oy! It never ends! (no worry, this is just a thought that has crossed my mind… I’m not dwelling on it!).

Did you read about the interesting coincidence with Cute Jewess? A few weeks ago, we nearly had dates with the same guy, Zoolander, on the same day (he was going to meet me for lunch, and meet her for an after-work drink). Alas, I got slammed at work, and had to cancel – but that would have made for a great story!

He recently dropped a line to see if we could re-schedule, but I’m going to write back and let him know that I’m seeing someone exclusively now.

On that note – GV and I haven’t had the “exclusive” talk yet. But guess what? For once, I’m not in a hurry to stick on the “boyfriend / girlfriend” label. When it happens, it happens. At this moment, I don’t need that to feel that we may* have a good thing going here.

* “may” because it’s still early, and I’m trying to stay realistic and somewhat cautious.


Single Girl said...

Things are moving at a great pace - not too fast, not too slow. And, you're keeping a level head about everything yet still soaking up the good feelings. YAY!! I can't wait to hear more!

As far as the exclusivity talk, I like to let the guy bring up that talk, but if he doesn't, then a casual mention is good. But for now, I would do as you're doing and just let it be.

Cute Jewess said...

Sounds like things are going just right! There's no hurry for that talk--if you feel comfortable with the way things are, then why not just let them happen?

midnite99 said...

Sounds like it is going well, and you have the perfect frame of mind. Go you! Looking forward to hearing more about GV... :)

Cara Hurley said...

Perhaps you are not worrying about Good Voice that much because you already know he likes you?

Heather said...

Ditto to what everyone said! Glad it's going well so far and you're in with a clear and open mind! Lots of luck and have fun!

louisa said...

Yay! You're home! And you're feeling good! WOO-HOO!

Trish Ryan said...

Good stuff. It's so nice when you've got the peace of mind to wait for him to bring up the "I don't want to date anyone but you" talk. Worth the wait :)

Cara Hurley said...

Great stuff :-)

Samantha said...

Soundsd like things are going perfectly with GV. And welcome back!!