Thursday, May 29, 2008

Mr. Dramatic

I’m in shock!

This morning, I discovered that I had a package with my doorman: a bag filled with all the little gifts I’d given Good Voice while we were dating -- his birthday gifts, plus small token gifts I’d picked up on the past few business trips (a magnet, a book, etc).

And a note: “[LV], Sad to see you have unfriended me [on Facebook]. I am returning your items to help assuage your anger. Xoxo, [GV]”

Shortly after, he texted me to let me know he left these things, signing off, “Be well”.

Asshole! WTF?

Backtracking: the day after our breakup, I e-mailed him, letting him know that I had discovered that he had lied about his age – and asked, why? My e-mail didn’t have an angry or bitter tone – I simply said that if we were going to be friends down the road, as he had hoped, then I needed him to be honest.

As expected – no response.

I realized I just needed to erase him from my life – I deleted his e-mail address and phone numbers, and deleted him as a Facebook friend.

After this morning’s dramatic gesture, I e-mailed him again, saying I wasn’t really surprised that he never responded to my inquiry about his age – and how could he NOT expect me to be angry, given that he lied to me more than once? (and… he’d forgotten to return one particular gift that I wanted back). I probably won’t hear from him – and I’m not going to lose any sleep over it.

On to bigger and better!

I have a date this weekend with someone I’ll call Great Smile for now. It’s rare that I’m actually looking forward to a first date… but based on cute, witty e-mail exchanges with this guy, plus a fun, long phone conversation… I have a good vibe.

Of course, I know better than to think that good e-mail plus good phone equals great date. But let’s just say that already he seems much more my type than GV was… and much more age-appropriate!


mimi of 'sexagenarian and the city' said...

what a total absolute asshole. and his hypocritcal new-agey 'be well.' and the bag!! -- for a similar moment in my recent life, see the post of 19 december, "part 2 of lies, lies, lies," in which i include a photograph of the duane reade shopping bag (full of the stuff i had left at his apt) that performer left w. my doorman. i thought that after Six Months of an intimate relationship there might have been a note or something....but not a word, then or since. Really, GV should stuff those....He's the angry one: you caught him in his lies. good riddance. there will be better relationships in yr future than in his.

Single Girl said...

What a jackass! So childish. I hate it when people think they can lie and get away with it - lies ALWAYS catch up with it. On to better men now!

Dating Trooper - Dating is Warfare said...

How pathetic! He's trying to get the last word and pretend he's taking the "high road" with that "be well" crap. Whatever helps him sleep at night, eh? Onward to bigger, better and younger??!!

Anonymous said...

OMG, that is ridiculous, so immature, and yes, a total asshole. But, it sounds to me a little immature to delete someone from facebook. OK, I do not know facebook etiquette, but it seems like you would just leave someone on, and not bother to delete, deleting makes a statement, as does returning everything (although I do see the latter is far more nuts. Don't ppl have tons of friends on facebook, some of whom you do not even know? anyway, you are far better off without him, he showed his true colors. jessica

Loverville said...

Thanks for all the support, everyone!

Jessica: to answer your question -- maybe some people have strangers as their Facebook "friends", but I only like to have "real life" friends or acquaintances. I just didn't want to see his name pop up every so often -- so I deleted him.

Anonymous said...

This guy is clueless! Good riddance! At least you are liberated from having to "try" with him any longer.

Anonymous said...

Wow. Just wow.

You are definitely on to bigger and better things! --a&v

The City Gal said...

The man is 50 and still such a teenager?

It's better that you cut your losses now!

Well, have fun on your first date, but please don't out too much stock on it yet so that you don't get disappointed.

If your date turns out exciting, write to us about it (at least I get to read about a good date!)

Anonymous said...

All of the good people are in total agreement: what a jerk! Lies are a symptom of something bigger. Onto better dates and hopefully a more compatible guy. Just have some fun for now and enjoy yourself and the right one may come along when you least expect it. That's what people always say, right?


Anonymous said...

bloody hell. (In the Brit sense, not the "dating is..." sense!)

Glad yr doing ok though. xo, dv

Cute Jewess said...

As to the facebook thing, they give you regular updates on all your "friends," so if you're angry at someone or it hurts to see what's going on in their lives, etc., then I think it's perfectly right to de-facebook friend them. I keep having to read all about a frenemy and it's annoying as hell! But the drama I'd get from de-facebooking her isn't worth it...