Monday, May 26, 2008

Oh, sunny day!

What a difference a day makes! That, and a solid night of sleep.

Woke up today, and the sun was shining and the birds were singing. The Good Voice cloud had lifted, and once again, I found myself relieved that he was out of the picture. Yeah, dating still sucks, but at least now I feel that I can go back to having a good sense of humor about it.

Had a fabulous day biking with a friend today, and a fun evening singing karaoke with other friends. Life is good again.

As promised… a few updates:

Remember him? We flirted back in December, at a friend’s holiday party, just around the time things were going downhill with Teen Crush.

This guy has some intuition – we haven’t talked in months, but right as I was thinking I needed to have a talk with Good Voice, Flirt e-mailed me to invite me to his jazz performance the next night. I wrote back with a “maybe”.

After GV and I had the talk (part one – “the talk, lite”), that night I went to Flirt’s performance. (he puts on a good show, by the way) After, he asked if I wanted to get a drink. That drink lead to another drink, some meandering around charming downtown streets, some smooching, yet another drink, more smooching, more meandering, a stop in a late-night bakery for banana pudding, and yes, a bit more smooching… before we said goodnight at my door. (outside the door, in case you’re wondering.)

I’d consider keeping him in my back pocket for an occasional fun evening. He’s certainly not boyfriend material – for one, he’s a few years younger than I am. Ha! Since the (possible, but likely) discovery of GV’s real age, I came to realize that there is a 20 (twenty!) year difference between the two guys I’ve kissed this week! Kooky.

Finally met up with Mimi, of the well-written Sexagenarian and the City blog! As you’d expect, she’s lovely (in both looks and personality), vivacious, whip-smart – overall, just a fabulous person. It sounds like she’s really happy with her guy, Plan C (I got to see his picture – he’s dashing!). Turns out we have a degree of one person between us – she went to school with a woman who I occasionally encounter through work. Small world indeed!

Mimi, if you’re reading this – hope to see you again soon!

He was my 109th first date since my last serious relationship ended over 3 years ago. (and my first "first date" in nearly three months) His blog name shall be “Shlub”.

One of those “you know right away it’s a NO” situations – but gotta stick it out for an hour or so to seem polite. On the phone he had seemed interesting and quirky – in person, he was weird and complain-y. Seemed like an un-funny Woody Allen. A bit unkempt and greasy. My radar for detecting a good date by phone must be out of whack.

Alas – I also had two party invitations for last night, but by the time I was done with Shlub, I was too tired and too depressed to socialize.

BUT – today is a new day! I’m planning to ease gradually into dating again, but my main focus right now is on myself, my friends, my family, my work… and losing the five or so extra pounds that mysteriously appeared on my scale recently.


Cara Hurley said...

You recently wrote:

In other news – the FOF (Friend of a Friend) left a message tonight – quite a surprise. If you recall – we had a bit of a wine-fueled smooch session a few weeks ago, on our second date. (the first date was two months prior). We tried to make plans after that, but couldn’t seem to coordinate a night – in my last e-mail from him, a week ago, he said to give him a shout when I was back in town. It felt like a brush-off – but I was OK with that, since I was starting to feel that I only wanted to date GV.

So perhaps now you can send him an email about meeting up?

And what about Puppy, the young man who tagged along when you were at your friends party. Surely he's not too young for you? What's the harm in trying a date or two with him? He sounds well mannered and pleasant.

midnite99 said...

Flirt sounds likek a great "back-pocket" guy. And it stinks that Shlub was, well, a shlub...but as you undoubtedly know, it happens to all of us - and it makes us appreciate the good dates all the more. Best of luck with whomever is next on the list! Sounds like you're keeping your wonderful attitude toward it all.

Loverville said...

Cara, so funny that you wrote that! Actually, I wrote to the FOF a day or two ago, and he wrote back a cute, flirty e-mail, suggesting we get together soon -- update to follow!

As far as the Puppy-Boy? Oooh, noooo... he really is TOO young! I think he's about 12 years younger than me... it would be a bit creepy.

Midnight, thanks for the good wishes! Actually, there's a new guy on J-date with whom I've had some communication -- one of the rare guys I've been excited about prior to meeting. Report to come once (well, if) we actually go out.

Single Girl said...

Glad the sun is shining again for you! It's all about the outlook - if you keep a good one, things tend to go well.

I've been a long-time reader, but infrequent commenter. (If that even makes sense!)