Tuesday, May 20, 2008


My friends generally consider me to be an open, friendly social sort. Sometimes, a bit too much.

This was apparent this weekend: I was on the subway en route to a friend’s party. The guy next to me starts up a conversation, mainly about the subway delays, etc. He was adorable in a 20-something-puppy-boy way – seriously, if he were a dog, he’d be spinning in circles, chasing his own tail. I quickly dropped into conversation some info about a recent bike ride my “boyfriend” and I had taken… just so it was out there.

No matter. He still chats away, the sweet little thing. We got off at the same stop, where I was connecting to another subway line to meet a friend en route to the party.

I don’t know why, but next thing I knew, I had invited Puppy-Boy to accompany us to the party. He accepts. I figured, the party was bound to be filled with fun, cool, people… so what’s one more?

Met up at the next subway with friend E, who didn’t seem at all surprised that I’d found a new friend. Puppy-Boy continues to chat away (more chasing his own tail)… and we quickly discover that he’s a bit ADD-ish, hopping from one topic to the next.

At the party, Puppy-Boy quickly befriends everyone in the place, in his friendly, loud, goofy manner. The hostess, my friend Party Girl, asks if he came with me – I stammered, “um, yeah, he’s kind of a new friend”, thinking that if he were to burn the house down or steal the family jewels, it would be a bit embarrassing to admit that I’d picked him up on the subway a half-hour earlier.

Luckily, there were no major mishaps – actually, Puppy-Boy was quite handy with the grill, and did a great job keeping everyone’s plates filled. AND I spotted him helping to clean up, unasked.

If he were 10 years older, I’d consider introducing him to some of my single friends… but alas, he’s just a young pup…

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midnite99 said...

So did he make puppy-dog eyes at you to win your sympathy? :) Glad it was fun and glad he ended up helping clean instead of, y'know, stealing jewelry.