Sunday, June 8, 2008

Date #111: White Bread

WHY do I do this? Why bother going on a first date with a guy when I sense (via phone and e-mail) that he's not going to be my kind of guy?

I like to think it's because "you never know". Well - as my wise sage friend M reminded me -- sometimes you DO know. (see more of her advice in previous post) Tonight was one of those times.

The date with White Bread went as expected -- an hour and a half of polite chit-chat. He was certainly a nice enough guy, extremely well-mannered. But he just seemed a bit, well, conventional. He struck me as the kind of guy you'd meet at happy hour near Wall Street. I think it was pretty apparent to both of us that there wouldn't be a second date.

Oh! He did have REALLY nice teeth, however! Possibly professionally whitened -- I have no problem with that -- definitely prefer that to someone with yellowing teeth. (see: Good Voice -- I only realized it towards the end, looking at pics of both of us)

New resolution: ONLY agree to go on a first date with someone with whom I sense *some* kind of phone / e connection. If he doesn't seem like my type? Then he probably isn't.


Lost said...

I totally agree. I decided to employ this screening process in my dating recently, after having a really uninspiring phone conversation with a guy. I decided I didn't even want to give a chance to meet in person. While some may say, I didn't give it a chance. I feel I didn't waste my time.

Juice Mag said...

I sometimes do that, go out with a guy that's not really my type. I think that I do that just for the heck of it. Not that I was bored but it has happen.

midnite99 said...

Makes sense! I think it's less about having a rule or resolution, and more about trusting yourself and your instincts. If you don't think someone's worth meeting, don't meet him. If you do, then do.

But sometimes going out with someone you were pretty sure wasn't your kind of guy can be good, if you're in the right frame of mind -- you can make a new friend (who might have cute single friends who ARE your type), or find some connection you weren't expecting, etc. But that only works if you're in the mood for it. My approach to that situation really does vary based on whether I have the energy for it or not.