Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Date #112: Smarty Pants

This past weekend I had a first date with a guy I'll call Smarty Pants -- I had a hard time thinking of an appropriate blog name for him, and I'm not sure if this will stick. This name is meant in a positive way -- he's certainly not a know-it-all, just struck me as a very interesting, intelligent guy.

Over drinks, we talked about topics as diverse as religion, family, and how your tastes in the kind of people you date change as you get older – and every so often he would say that he was surprised that we were talking about this on a first date – but it was just that comfortable.

After a few hours of talking (gradually sitting closer to one another), when he just went in for a kiss out of the blue? I liked that. He's an excellent kisser.

All very nice, but I’m not having any expectations at the moment. Talked about getting together again soon, but made no solid plans -- we'll see if I hear from him.

UPDATE: he called in a timely manner, and we talked for nearly an hour -- a rare thing with guys these days! We made plans for this weekend, and (another rarity) he actually had some solid suggestions for restaurants based on what we'd talked about the last time.

I have to admit, I really like doing bar / restaurant research, and have found that I usually have better ideas of where to go than most guys I date. This time? I may have met my match.

I have another date before then. I can't help but think that Date #113 (the next one) may have some tough competition...


a&v said...

Hey, this sounds good to me! It's easy to get drawn in by intelligence and a surprise kiss. I hope there is another date!

midnite99 said...

Sounds good -- I love the follow-through! And I'm glad that you have another date with someone else's always good to have eggs in multiple baskets (she says, mangling the metaphor with wild abandon).

jess said...

Sounds promising. I love the surprise kiss. And the follow up. And your calm acceptance. You just never know when one of these is just going to keep getting stronger.