Saturday, June 28, 2008

Date #113: The Visitor

Wow – who would have thought it would be possible to have two very good first dates with two different guys in the same week?

Last night was date #113 with The Visitor. Visitor lives in another state, one that requires a flight --- but he comes to New York often on business, and he’s thinking of moving here permanently. Generally, I don’t respond to J-date guys who don’t live in NY – why bother? – but the Visitor seemed like a smart, interesting guy. After I got a good vibe about him by phone, we agreed to meet up next time he was in town. That time was last night.

We met for a drink, and he looked exactly like his pictures – great head of hair, fabulous smile (I'm a sucker for those qualities). Drinks led to dinner, which led to more drinks, and eventually some meandering.

You know that moment right before you have a first kiss with someone? You feel the buildup, and you sense that you both want to kiss, but you’re both waiting for the unspoken go-ahead from the other person. Yeah… it was like that. I have to admit, I kind of like those moments of anticipation.

Finally, walking along the street, I stopped to face Visitor to ask him a question, and he swooped in for the first kiss. (for the record, I have no problem making the first move… but I generally prefer to wait for the guy to do so). It was a great kiss. Rather, kisses. We eventually found a stoop on which to sit and have a wonderful make-out session, stopping and laughing every time people walked by.

He walked me home, and we talked about possibly getting together before he leaves town. He’d already told me that he’d be back in town a few weeks down the road, and would like to see me again then.

So there you have it – two great-seeming guys currently on the agenda. Obviously, either (or both) of them could disappear any moment – and there’s the chance that I won’t like one (or both) as I get to know them. But for now? My plan is to not overthink, and to simply enjoy the ride.

Second date with Smarty Pants coming up. And I need to write about the other night with Best Friend – an unexpected dinner with three Italian strangers. Watch this space!


Anonymous said...

oooo! you are just like the girl on the bachelorette, where she has "feelings" and "feels a connection" with more than one guy at the same time!


Dating Trooper - Dating is Warfare said...

Don't take this the wrong way, but it's much more fun when you are single and dating! Well, from a blog reader's perspective anyway:-)

First kisses on a NYC stoop in the summertime. Sounds amazing...

Loverville said...

JAC: well, I wouldn't say I had "feelings" for either of these guys yet. But I like both of them enough to go on another date (just had second date with Smarty Pants, post to follow soon).

DT: of course, it's only fun to be single when you actually HAVE those good dates! The boring dates -- not fun. Wondering if / when you'll hear back from someone you like -- not fun.

(but yes -- kisses on a stoop, feeling like a teenager out past curfew? Fun, indeed!)

midnite99 said...

Two contenders at once - you go, girl!

mimi of sexagenarian and the city said...

checking in from The Capital City Of A European Country to say delighted you're having such a lively dating summer, so far. may the good times continue! - mimi

London-Lass said...

Two good dates with two good guys ... ? My word - your cup truly runneth over at the moment! (quietly praying to the Gods of Dating that they dont *poof* disappear on you, *poof* suddenly go weird, or *poof* actually turn out to be that single after all)