Saturday, June 7, 2008

Dating domino effect. And HELLO Teen Crush.

It occurred to me recently -- looking back at some of the guys I dated in the past year or so -- each new guy was, in some way, a direct improvement on his predecessor - a kind of dating domino effect:

* starting with UN -- nice enough, but a bit too staid
* Teen Crush -- more gregarious and outgoing than UN -- but didn't quite have his life "together"
* Good Voice -- his life / career seemed more together than Teen Crush -- but then there was that little problem of him lying about his age
* Great Smile -- much more age-appropriate for me than Good Voice was. AND he seems very personable... AND his life seems "together". On paper, so far so good.

Alas -- after our one date last weekend, Great Smile got so sick, he was out of the office for a few days (indeed - as several of you commented, good thing we didn't kiss on that first date!). We've e-mailed nearly every day this week, and while he said he's starting to feel better and would like to get together this week, no solid plans have been made. I'm well aware that he could disappear at a moment's notice -- abducted by aliens, no doubt -- but I remain hopeful that we'll at least get to a second date.


In other news -- I recently got back in touch with Teen Crush, about four months after our breakup. JUST as friends.

Why, you ask, when things ended on a sour note? Here's the thing: I always liked him as a person -- I truly believe that he's a really good guy.

And recently, I was thisclose to having what could have been a devastating car accident. I'm 100% ok -- was just shaken up at the time -- but it made me re-evaluate some things in my life. He was one of those things.

One of my best friends is an ex-boyfriend from about 10 years ago -- sure, I was hurt at the time when things didn't work out for us as a couple. But today, he's one of my dearest friends, and I can't imagine not having him in my life.

So -- I wrote to TC -- a short HI, here's what's going on in my life, nearly had this crazy accident, just wanted to get back in touch.

He wrote back the same day, a very sweet, thoughtful e-mail: he was happy to hear from me, would like to be friends, and that it would be a shame not to be -- when he thinks of me, he always has good thoughts. He's been working on the west coast the past few months, but said when he comes back to NY in a month or so, he'd love to meet for a drink.

When I told my friend M about this exchange, her response was, remind me -- why did you two break up again?

If we hadn't broken up at that time, I'm sure it would have ended shortly after -- I don't believe in bi-coastal relationships. She reminded me -- you broke up for reasons to do with timing, and timing changes -- I'm just saying!

Anyway -- I'm in the mindset that we'll JUST be friends - let's see what happens from there.

But there is that part of me that's thinking that I might want to kiss him...


mimi of 'sexagenarian and the city' said...

i think you shld rename Great Smile
Bad Throat [while still hoping for the best]....

Single Girl said...

Can't hurt to be friends with Teen Crush, he might have some single friends that might be a better fit for you than he was. You never know!!