Friday, July 4, 2008

The Italians... and this week's updates

I love nights like this, a few nights ago.

Was out with Best Friend, trying to decide where to go for dinner. We put our names on the waiting list for a restaurant that had an hour-long wait for a table, and wandered in the area, looking for a place to have a drink.

Stopped into a lovely, elegant (but not stuffy) bar / restaurant – the only available seats were next to a good-looking, dapper man. I don’t have low self-esteem, but I generally write off guys like this as being too hot for me.

Five minutes later, Hot Guy starts chatting to us – and not only is he hot, he’s Italian, speaks excellent English, and lives here in New York. Even hotter.

After we mentioned that we were celebrating Best Friend’s new job, he insisted on buying our drinks for us. How could we say no? He stepped away for a moment to take a call, and Best Friend said that she thought he mentioned that he was waiting for his wife to join him for dinner. (it was rather loud in the restaurant, and I couldn’t hear everything he was saying) I thought that would be the end of that, and we’d go our merry ways -- him with his wife, and us with our celebratory glasses of wine.

When his two male colleagues showed up a few minutes later, I nudged BF and whispered, “that doesn’t look like a wife!”. She realized she’d heard incorrectly. No wife… just colleagues.

They invited us to join them for dinner, and in a “why not?” moment, we accepted. Best Friend and I used to go out a lot in our 20s – serious clubbing / bar-hopping til 4 am kind of nights – and we'd always have unexpected adventures. Spontaneous invites to parties in mansion-like apartments. A Halloween party in a nightclub, discovering that the guy in the gorilla mask at the next table was Leonardo DiCaprio. Staying at clubs like Spy and Wax til closing, then going to Yaffa CafĂ© for breakfast with guys we’d just met – then watching the city wake up as we took the bus home.

These days, we’re not quite the spontaneous party gals that we once were – but for us, this was a fun adventure.

A few other updates:

Robot Man: after he e-mailed to thank me for a nice night, I did what I felt was the right thing – I wrote back saying while it was lovely to have met him, I just didn’t feel that kind of chemistry I was looking for. So – that was that.

Smarty Pants: after a third date with him, I came to realize – all that talking he does? Mainly about himself. Often on tangents, far and wide. He’s sometimes interesting – definitely smart – but after a while, I began to find him tiresome. I doubt there will be another date.

Teen Crush: blast from the past! Recap: we dated for about 4 months late last year. I liked him a lot – he felt his life was too “up in the air” for anything serious – we broke up.

After I nearly had a scary car accident about a month ago, I thought, life’s too short for this – I’d like to have him in my life, even just as friends. (we’re probably better off as friends anyway)

At that time I got back in touch – he was happy to hear from me, said he’d like to be friends as well. Has been working on the west coast, but said he’d love to meet for dinner next time he came to town.

Well – he e-mailed me this week, saying he’s going to be in town next week, and could we meet up? A few e-mails later, plans were set. I’m really looking forward to it. And while I know that in my head that we’re better off as friends, I can’t help but wonder if we’ll wind up kissing…? Stay tuned.


mimi of 'sexagenarian and the city' said...

so what was the dinner w. the italian guy & his friends like?

Loverville said...

We had a wonderful time -- excellent food and lots of wine.

It seemed that our Hot Italian Guy was quite taken with Best Friend, though she frequently mentioned her boyfriend.

His two colleagues were very nice, just not date-able: one had a girlfriend and a baby, and the other was just visiting from Italy and barely spoke English (and overall, not my type anyway).

I e-mailed Hot Italian Guy a few days later to say "thank you" -- no word back yet, except an auto-reply that he's out of town all week. Would be nice to see him again, but if not, no great shakes.

Taken Girl said...

Unexpected fun nights like that are awesome! Glad you had fun!

Dating Trooper - Dating is Warfare said...

Sounds like you're having a fun summer!

Anonymous said...

Don't kiss Teen Crush!!! Remember how he broke your heart and it took weeks to get over??? Why kiss him? Find someone else to kiss, please!!!!

Loverville said...

TG & DT: thanks -- indeed, it's been a fabulous summer so far!

Anon: thanks for your concern, but I think that IF I do kiss him (which I honestly think is unlikely anyway), it will be because I'm simply in the moment. No chance of getting "involved" with him at this moment, as he's currently not living in NY.

To paraphrase Tennyson, it's better to smooch and have the guy go back to the west coast, than never to have smooched at all!

Anonymous said...

This all sounds marvelous! I especially love your take on Tennyson--so true. -a&v