Thursday, August 14, 2008

One hundred sixteen

Last time, I wrote that I was about to go out with a new J-guy. It turned out to be a fabulous date - -and the second one, a week later, was even better. He’s whip-smart – super-funny – incredibly cute. To say I’m very mildly smitten wouldn’t be inaccurate – and from the vibe he’s giving, the feeling seems to be mutual.

I know – whoa, Nelly! Yes, yes, I know – take it slowly, and all that. I certainly am -- or at least, trying. And when he writes to me that he thinks I’m gorgeous and can’t wait to see me again, I’m careful to keep my responses just a bit cooler. I just realized – we’ve e-mailed every single day since that first date, in addition to texts and phone calls sprinkled in there as well. It just feels "right".

Cute Jewess just blogged about this recently – we’ve both had experience with these guys who come on really strong, then fizzle just as quickly. Not to say this new guy will fall into that category – I’m just being cautious, that’s all.

But when someone who seems fabulous also seems to recognize the fabulous in you? Hard not to be a bit seduced by that.

Third date planned for this weekend, then I’m going out of town for work for a week – it’s a good thing to be a bit unavailable, and put the brakes on this for the moment.

I’m having a hard time coming up with a blog name for him! It’s hard to pinpoint just one quality about him. “Mr. Wonderful” could work – but sounds like that’s more of an ironic name for an asshole. Simply “Mr. X”? No – sounds like I’m implying that he is or could be an “ex” – don’t want that! Other references to his great smile, sharp wit, fabulous sense of humor then exclude his other good qualities.

So for now – he’ll simply be 116. (as the 116th first date I’ve had since my last serious relationship) It would be nice if there weren’t any other numbers after that one, wouldn’t it…?

As far as the other guys I’ve smooched lately – I’m not deleting their numbers just yet. We’ve exchanged e-mails, but no solid plans to get together any time soon (I’m too busy anyway). But the fact is, I know that they’re really just smooch-buddies – if there’s been no progression towards relationship-land with any of them by now (the Friend of a Friend… Fun Bobby… Good Hair Guy), then it’s never happening.

But 116? Possible potential. We’ll see.

In the meantime, if you have clever blog name suggestions for a guy who’s adorable, fun, smart, witty, etc – send them my way!


a&v said...

I like the sound of this!!

mimi of 'sexagenarian and the city' said...

how about Mr. Possibility?

Loverville said...

Thanks for the good vibes, and for the name suggestion... I think I'll take a variation on that, and go with Mr. Possible, for now.