Saturday, August 2, 2008

Recycling, #115, and tonight's date

It’s been a busy summer – while the summer is a quiet time at work for most people, right now I’m ridiculously busy, and will continue to be that way for the next month or so. Those of you with half-day Fridays? I'm jealous!

In the meantime – I haven’t been very active with online dating lately – but I’ve been continuing the “recycling” theme. Last time I wrote about seeing Teen Crush (ex-boyfriend from late last year) and Good Hair Guy (on and off FWB for the past two years).

Some other past guys have resurfaced recently:

Fun Bobby: we had a few dates earlier this year, but I stopped seeing him in order to date Good Voice exclusively. He texted me out of the blue about a month ago – he was in my neighborhood, was I around? I was having dinner with my best friend, so it wasn’t an ideal time to meet up, but we agreed to get together soon.

We met for dinner this week – it was unclear for most of the night if this was going to be just platonic, or if this was a “date” – we shared recent dating stories, but finished the night with some very nice kissing. I enjoy his company, but just don’t see him as a boyfriend – can’t explain why.

He’s much more honest and open with his thoughts and feelings than most guys I know – I can’t remember how it came up, but he brought up the fact that I had written to him earlier this year to let him know that I couldn’t date him any longer. He said he appreciated that I wrote to him, rather than just disappear into the ether.

Another guy who has re-surfaced is the FOF – the Friend of a Friend: last time I saw him, months ago, there was some very passionate smooching, with the temptation to spend the night at his place. (it took some very strong willpower to go home alone!) We were in touch occasionally after that, but there was always something that got in the way of us getting together – I was out of the country, his mom was visiting from out of town, etc.

He IM’d me out of the blue a few days ago – long story short, we had another date, with more passionate kissing – but it's impossible to tell when I’m going to see him again. We’re both about to go out of town for work – he has a job coming up in another city that will keep him there for about three months.

Almost forgot about this one – I had a date with a new J-guy recently – my 115th first date in the past 3½ years. Nice guy, decent phone connection, but no in-person zing.

Tonight: a date with a new J-guy – I’m excited about this one – we discovered that we went to the same college (graduated at different times), and even have some friends in common. Nice – gives it a bit more of a personal connection than the usual anonymous online date. Wish me luck!

While I’ve been having a good time on these dates, and enjoying some first-base intimacy – I’m all too aware that I’d much rather be intimate with just ONE special guy. I’m still optimistic.

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