Monday, September 22, 2008

New Guy rocks my world.

A few more amazing dates with the wonderful, adorable, smart New Guy. Thought about blog-naming him WOW, but worried that that would jinx things – silly, I know. But thanks anyway for the suggestion, DT! New is good.

Where to begin? There’s so much I want to share about him. We’ve had another nighttime date, as well as a daytime date. Nighttime dating is generally easy – if there’s even a remote attraction to someone, alcohol lubricates those feelings. But to emerge from a (sober) daytime date, feeling even more excited about this person? That says a lot.

It’s just SO easy to be with him. We have a lot of the same interests, as well as a very similar sense of humor – we’re both a bit snarky, a bit irreverent, and very silly. We share the same political leanings – I never mentioned it here, but when Possible, of a few weeks ago, told me he was a Republican? That was the beginning of my loss of interest in him.

He seems into me as well – he’s free with the compliments. He has followed up every date with a text about what a wonderful time he had, and how he was looking forward to the next time.

I’m nervous about saying too much here for fear up getting my hopes up too high, too soon. But I can say in all honesty – I feel that he’s more “right” for me than any other guy I’ve dated in the past year. Just a gut feeling.

More to come. For now, just (still) enjoying being giddy and excited, while actually managing to keep a level head. Plans for the next date are in place.


Dating Trooper - Dating is Warfare said...

Freakin' Awesome!!!

A fair fairy said...

woot woot! :D

midnite99 said...

Sounds like it's off to a great start! Enjoy... :)

Anonymous said...

yay you!! Now is the time to admit to yourself only if anything is off (you know, multiple roomies, no job, etc), don't let the giddiness hide it. If nothing, than buckle up and enjoy! If there is something, admit it now (to yourself again), and keep in perspective. jess

Loverville said...

Thanks for the words of encouragement! Date 4 to come soon.

And Jess, thanks -- so far, no warning signs that I can think of! Lives alone... good career... he's a Democrat... so far, so good!

Anonymous said...

I am finally all caught up now and wow it really paid off!! So happy things are going so great. Enjoy it but yes, keep a level head if possible. I LOL about your comments about previous guy's political leaning! ha ha

PS-Love the blog. Can I share it with someone who does not know you at all? It is so enjoyable to read.
I am off to watch "The Office" premier on DVR.

Mo :)