Monday, September 29, 2008

Zen guy?

Have had a few more dates with New Guy -- still going swimmingly. Enjoying the getting-to-know-you process, as well as increased intimacy. Suffice to say, the chemistry is definitely there (blushing).

I'm at that strange in-between phase -- I feel it's too soon to date exclusively, but at the same time, it doesn't seem right to date other guys when I'm this excited about New Guy. Obviously -- I have no idea what HE's doing -- have to keep that in mind.

I was supposed to have a second date with the very cute Super Cutie this weekend... but what do you know, he had to cancel! (with appropriate timing, and a very good excuse) We talked about rescheduling for some time next week, which will buy me a little more time to see if / how things develop with New Guy.

It's kind of strange: I'm feeling quite Zen-like about this one. It seems like we have the right balance of seeing each other / texting / talking, as well as taking time in-between. Not too fast -- not too slow.

I must admit, every time he casually mentions something "we" have to do -- "we'll" have to try that restaurant, or "we'll" have to check out that exhibit at the Met -- my giddy levels rise, just a little bit.


mimi of 'sexagenarian and the city' said...

very happy to hear things are still going so well.

now, when they say things like 'we'll have to do this' or 'we'll have to do that,' do you think it's entirely unself-conscious? don't you think they're deliberately sending a message with that pronoun?

Anonymous said...

wasn't there an SATC re: beware of the "we guy"!
So glad things are going well!