Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Abducted by aliens

What else could explain New Guy's total absence of nearly a week? Total MIA -- no calls, no e-mails, no texts. He hasn't even been active on Facebook (he was only moderately active before).

At first I was upset, then frustrated, then angry. Now I'm merely curious. Really, what the hell could have happened to make him drop off the face of the earth?

I'm kind of surprised at how level-headed I'm feeling about his disappearance at the moment. Might this have something to do with the attention being lavished on me by a certain Camper? Maybe, after sensing that New Guy was taking a step back (which turned into a giant leap off this planet), I allowed the flirtiness in my e-mails with Camper to be amplified... and maybe that led to a very nice catch-up phone call... which led to a date planned for later this week... (a date that I'm really looking forward to).

And maybe there are way too many ellipses and "maybe"s in this e-mail.


Dating Trooper - Dating is Warfare said...

"Ellipses and Maybes" - sounds like a perfect title for a memoir (about dating of course).

Anonymous said...

I'd give him a few more days and then email, text or call New Guy as a friend and see what's up.

Anonymous said...

A week! It does sound like another girl. Was trying to think what else might make a guy do that... Maybe work stuff? But who wants a boyfriend who won't share their problems with you. Especially if it's enough not to talk for a week! Even if it is another girl! I'd want a heads up!

Anonymous said...
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mimi of 'sexagenarian and the city' said...

i didn't like the sound of this at first and i like it even less now. NOTHING could justify this treatment of you. if it were a family crisis -- death, disease, accident -- why would he _not_ tell you? and ditto for something work-related. difficult to imagine the crisis that would justify ignoring the woman he's been dating. ------ you don't suppose he has decided he's gay, do you? but even then, why not be honest and tell you? he's down in my books, as you can tell. i'm very, very relieved you have other guys interested now, at least to keep you from being too upset by this.

Anonymous said...

It is hard to predict, but I say the Camper is a way better bet than any guy you meet online. The Camper is a real live guy who knows you and who likes you enough to express interest. He has likely been thinking about you since that final bonfire! And now he is Ready. Readiness is key.

The New Guy has no excuse unless he is in a coma or has been taken hostage in a place with no electricity. Guys who are interested do not act like this. It sounds like you two were at a point when he needed to fish or cut bait. It doesn't sound to me like New Guy has another girl. He doesn't want a girl! He is afraid of girls!


Tiny E said...

The hardest part of a disappearing act is the why, but it really doesn't matter. Whatever the excuse may be, let him come to you with it. In the meantime, move onward and upward (i.e. to Camper, who sounds very promising.)

Anonymous said...

Well, crap! I hate it when this happens--to myself or to favorite dating bloggers. I'm glad there's a date with Camper to take your mind off it. And I'm with Mimi--this is very poor treatment of you. Don't stand for it! --a&v

Lost said...

Have we been dating the same guy? LOL! B/c I am going thru the exact SAME thing. Last I heard from my New Guy equivalent was last Sunday and we had planned to go out tomorrow (sat). His last email said to me, "Have a good week". I didn't take that as a good sign. It's Friday and I have heard nothing. Me thinks he's just going to disappear.

I am fine b/c I knew he wasn't the one for me, rather for right now. But, it's still rude and being a wuss.

I don't understand men. MAN UP. If you don't want to see us anymore, SO SAY. Or at least make up a common lie.

I say move on....b/c I am going to!@