Saturday, November 15, 2008


FINALLY had a long talk with New Guy. He told me what has been keeping him preoccupied these days (can't share it here) -- but apologized profusely for being so wrapped up in his head that he was out of touch.

We had the talk on the phone while he was out of town -- not an ideal situation. We're going to meet up this weekend to talk more. I don't hate him -- I still believe that he's a really good guy. But the gist is (and I hate this cliche), that we're in different places right now. I'm looking for something serious, something long-term... and he doesn't know what he wants. I know, I know... only two weeks ago, he was giving signs that he felt otherwise. Will have to address that when I see him in person.

You're probably going to wonder why I'm even thinking about New Guy, when I tell you about the wonderful night I had with Camper.

Camper and I had one of those fabulous (but rare) first dates where you can't stop laughing and smiling and telling stories and just enjoying each other's company. Of course, the difference is that this was a first date with someone I knew 25 years ago. And guess what -- he confessed that he DID have a crush on me back then (how cute!), and thought about looking me up throughout the years. In one of those typical NYC coincidences, turns out we lived just two blocks from each other for a few years in the late 90s. Kooky!

It's just icing on the cake that while he was an adorable teenager, he grew up to be quite a hot guy -- he really is yummy to look at.

Since the date, we've e-mailed, texted and talked on the phone quite a bit. The next date is planned for early next week. I'm looking forward to getting to know him (again), and he's made it clear that he's very excited about me... but a part of me worries that he's romanticizing this, that maybe he's excited because as a former teen geek, he finally "got the girl".

Yeah, I know... I can always find something to worry about!

(just for the record, Camper is first date #119 since my last serious relationship ended over 3 years ago)


Smart Cookie said...

wow, 119 dates. That amazing! I admire your persistence...I am trying online dating for the 3rd, or is the fourth?, time.
I live outside of Philly, so you'd think there would be a lot of opportunities online, but I find that the men I am interested in are not the ones interested in me. Also, the 50+ crowd likes contacting me. (I'm 35).

Anyway, I love reading your blog. I wish I could go on more dates.

Dating Trooper - Dating is Warfare said...

How did you reconnect with Camper again this time? Sounds promising.
Glad to hear you are willing to accept New Guy's explanation, but that you are ready to move on. At this point (and age) they are either ready or not.

A fair fairy said...

Go camper! Forget about your anxiety: old fantasies are actually a good reason to fall in love!! :))

*Juliette* said...

Shared history is a great thing! I agree w/ a Fair Fairy...Camper sounds like a good prospect. Good luck with this!

mimi of 'sexagenarian and the city' said...

just wanted to chime in and wish you continuing good luck w. camper.
i'm also glad things will soon be resolved w. new guy. sorry they had to end, but as endings go....i've known much worse, as you probably have too. so here's to the New new!

Tiny E said...

So it's early next week now . . . when is this date?