Friday, November 21, 2008

Quick update.

Finally had that in-person talk with New Guy. It was one of those very rare times that I got the closure I was looking for -- I even got a chance to tell him how angry and hurt I was that he went AWOL. He listened, apologized profusely, and said that if I ever felt that way again, to be sure to tell him.

We agreed to be friends, with the possibility of "something" more down the road, if the time is right for both of us. I was a bit sad, but also felt a huge sense of relief to no longer be in limbo with him.

For a few days afterwards, I missed him a bit... but am feeling that less and less. Partially because of:

Camper: we've been spending quite a lot of time together -- and when we're not together, we e-mail and talk often. Yes, yes, trying to force myself to keep the brakes on, take it slowly, and all that... but it just feels right. (I'm smiling as I type this!) He's a very open, sweet, wonderful guy.

And yet -- as easy as it feels, I need to remind myself: guys want the chase. People tend to value something more if they need to work for it, and that includes relationships. I'm not talking about playing games here... but again, I just need to remind myself: take it slowly. Leave an air of mystery.

Thanks to Mimi's latest blog post for that reminder!


Dating Trooper - Dating is Warfare said...

Gotta love the involuntary smile. Hope it continues!

Anonymous said...

Did you happen to mention Camper to New Guy?


Anonymous said...

Wow, talk about one door closing and another opening! you are amazing! Seriously... You must have winning combo of a great attitude and personality! jess

Anonymous said...

Absolutely! Take it slooooooow. To be graphic - don't sleep with him for a long long time. Make sure he likes you. YOU! Not just likes sex with a new person.
Good luck! And have fun!