Saturday, November 1, 2008

Three more days!

After too long of a gap (ok, really not that long... about a week and a half) had a lovely evening of catch-up with New Guy. When we're together, it's fabulous and very promising... but even he admits, he's not great about keeping in touch in between those times. I continue to try to remain patient.

We talked about the frustrations of internet dating -- he hasn't done nearly as much as I have. He added something along the lines of, he doesn't have much free time these days -- but the time he does have, he'd like to spend getting to know me better. I wish I could remember verbatim how he said it -- the implication (at least as I heard it in the moment) was that he's not dating any new people right now.

Damn my foggy memory! At the moment, I was pretty giddy on the inside, while trying to remain cool on the outside. I chose to not dwell on the subject -- will just continue to see how things develop.

However -- this was nice -- I just checked out his J-date profile, and saw that he hasn't logged on in over two weeks. Well, that's encouraging!

Been back in touch with Super Cutie of late -- a few e-mails exchanged (he's been out of town a lot for work), and most recently, he suggested getting together next week.

I think I'm going to officially pull the plug on him: one, I already feel that there's not much chemistry there... and two, I like New Guy enough that I'd like to give that fledgling relationship a shot, and just date him (without declaring it out loud at the moment). I'd like to stay friends with SC -- stay tuned!

Question of the day: I have a good friend's party coming up in a few weeks. Trying to decide whether or not to invite New Guy. I haven't met any of his friends yet. He met one of my friends over dinner once, but that was mainly due to timing... she was visiting from LA, and he was just about to go out of town. Will try to get a temperature on the vibe between now and then.

Anyway -- while I do think about New Guy a lot these days, the election is first and foremost in my brain. I'm obsessed with following campaign coverage. Even having trouble focusing at work -- just can't wait for fricking Tuesday already!!!

Go Obama!!!

ps. I mentioned a guy in my last post -- Smiley -- we met at a bar through mutual friends last week and exchanged cards. No word from him. Just as well! I'd almost forgotten about him, til I reread my blog post.

UPDATE: I just e-mailed Super Cutie something along the lines of, "I've been seeing someone else, would like to see where it goes, but would like to stay in touch with you as friends". Will let you know if he responds.


Anonymous said...

Yes, Invite him! If he is weird about it, or says yes, than is weird while he is there, you just saved weeks if not months of dating! And yes, GO OBAMA!! jess

mimi of 'sexagenarian and the city' said...

yes about the election -- it's hard to concentrate on anything else. i think i'll volunteer at obama HQ in manhattan on tuesday, because i know i won't be able to get anything else done. they always need people to GOTV [get out the vote].

so my many canvassing saturdays have made my weekends seem full!
wonder what they'll feel like now....