Sunday, February 8, 2009

Date #122 and other updates

I have a sudden urge to post an update, though I have no time at the moment. Full details to come!

Date #122: "NOT New Guy". A lunch date never leads anywhere, in my experience -- but due to time crunching, that's where we ended up. One of the reasons I was drawn to his J-date profile was because he resembled New Guy a bit in his photo -- in person, not so much.

If you've ever done online dating, I'm sure you, too, have had a thousand dates like this: the date was nice enough that you'd agree to see the guy again if he called -- but not so exciting that if you didn't hear from him, you'd be 100% OK with it. It's been over a week, and no word from NNG -- onward!

In other news: as I mentioned, New Guy have hung out as friends several times. I'm in a pretty good mindset with him.

And... there was one night where we wound up kissing passionately, and were very, very tempted to go home together. Not an easy decision to go home alone, but that's what I did, and I was happy about that choice the next day.

I feel more chemistry with this guy than with anyone I can remember in recent history... and I just happen to really like him as a person. But -- again -- we're just friends. (and if we're friends who happen to kiss every so often, I have no problem with that)

I'm contemplating a little fling with High School Guy (sorry, Mimi!). He's a Republican, but he's also very hot and he knows I'm not looking for anything serious right now -- AND he finds me incredibly sexy and beautiful. Our e-flirting has been getting more intense, and I'm thinking that he could be a fun companion for some of those cold winter nights. We'll see...


mimi of 'sexagenarian and the city' said...

let's see, the 'apology' to me is because he's a republican?!

well, maybe they can do better in the private sphere than in the public...they screwed the country pretty well, so -- you may be in luck!

Anonymous said...

LV, why do you say you are "not looking for anything serious now"? Do you mean you are not looking for anything serious with that particular guy?

Because, reading your blog, I would say you very much are looking for something serious.


Loverville said...

Mimi -- exactly! As long as he and I don't talk politics, we'll be OK.

JAC -- the breakup with Camper was much more intense than I revealed here (I just didn't have the energy to rehash it in its entirety). So at this moment -- today, this week -- I'm feeling pretty non-committal. But then again, if the *right* guy were to come along? That could change in an instant.

It's actually a good place for me, to NOT actively be "boyfriend-shopping" -- hopefully it'll make me a little more laid back when I do eventually meet a guy with potential.