Sunday, March 29, 2009

Date #127 / it's a small fricking world

I LOVE that for a big city, New York can be a very small world!

Last time, I wrote that that was going to be the very last mention of Mr Recurring -- but this story is worth mentioning, because it's such a crazy coincidence:

If you recall, only days after Mr R told me that he wanted to be exclusive with the other woman he'd been dating, I saw on Facebook that they were now "in a relationship". Of course, I had to check her out (who wouldn't?). She seemed smart, accomplished, etc -- and she and I shared a mutual Facebook friend -- let's call this friend Hannah.

Hannah and I are really just acquaintances -- we see each other at parties every so often, usually organized by our mutual friend, let's-call-her-Robin. I mentioned this coincidence to Robin -- her response:
Holy cow -- it gets better! Are you sitting down?

It just happened that she was at a party with Hannah and The Other Woman a few weeks ago -- it turns out that those two went to high school together, but were just reconnecting for the first time in years. Robin wrote about The Other Woman (whom she was meeting for the first time):

I have to tell you, I took a fairly strong dislike to her. I wanted to like her -- she's well-spoken and interesting -- but there was something about her that really rubbed me the wrong way. She seemed, well, a bit cold and a bit mean.

Here's the MOST interesting part: at a certain point in the evening we were talking about dating, and this woman said that she had maybe met someone. The sense I got was that they had been dating for a little while, maybe a month or two. She didn't seem to want to talk about him, which is understandable -- I know that feeling of not wanting to jinx something! -- but then someone asked how long they'd been seeing each other, and she said that they'd just had one date. I think she may have even said that they had just had it the night before, although I might be embroidering. One can only assume that that date was with [Mr R]!

Ahhh... small world indeed! I can't help but imagine the awkwardness if I'd been there as well, and we'd discovered that we were both excited about the same guy. Oof!

Moving on...


Had date #127 this week with Mr Easy -- I'll explain the name in a minute. Actually, we've already had two dates so far, will get to that as well.

Mr Easy and I had a good rapport via e-mail, and a fun connection on the phone. He mentioned that he'd done a bit of acting, and some of his comedy sketches were online. I looked up his videos -- they were cute and funny, and so was he.

Maybe it was because I had more visual information than I usually have going into a first date, but I just felt predisposed to liking this guy. It was a great date -- dinner, followed by drinks at a cozy lounge, with a nice amount of smooching. By the end of the date, he asked if I was free to get together over the weekend.

Date #2 was last night -- the good vibes continued over dinner. More good smooching. And again, before the date ended, he asked what my work schedule was like this week.

It just feels... easy. In a good way. So, we'll see.


Another update: after my date with Mr Sunday last week, I e-mailed him with some information I'd promised. He wrote back: thanks for the links, nice meeting you too. Take care, [Mr Sunday]

Ha! Diss! As Jerry Seinfeld says: when you say "take care", don't you really mean "take off"? Hilarious, very apt clip here.


Dating Trooper said...

God bless that good attitude of yours!! You are a role model for a good dater: Have as much fun as you can in each situation, keep moving, and don't take it all too seriously or personally. Of course, this assumes you really are like this in real life? Please say yes!

Loverville said...

DT, absolutely! After 127 first dates in the last 4 years, if I didn't approach this with a sense of humor I'd go crazy!

Ok, I still need to turn down the crazy every so often, but I usually pick myself up pretty quickly.

wineandthecity said...

it feels so good to have a cool guy book the next date with you while you're still in the middle of one. It kinda sets a bar for rest of humankind to follow. Have a great week! I'm off soon for a trip and look forward to catching up when I get home...

mimi of 'sexagenarian and the city' said...

yes indeed it is a small city...i saw via facebook (yeah...) that a woman whom plan c had dated in december had also dated scientist (whom i dated in october....). and THEN -- i actually saw her on madison avenue! because of a peculiarity of her hair, which i won't describe here, i knew it was the same person -- she was walking north and i was walking south, so i got a good view of her. and then she walked into a building with a sign for the company that plan c had told me she worked for, so there was no question it was she. -- that's a kind of triple coincidence, isn't it?

ahh, if we knew more (and thank god we don't...), there are probably a lot more such coincidences in our lives.

Anonymous said...

I agree with Dating Trooper. Your attitude is amazing! I want to be more like you! It's actually one of the reasons why I kept reading your blog. You have an amazing ability to pick yourself up and keep moving.

And I dumped my Facebook account because of just what you two are describing. Just didn't want so many people having that kind of access to life and didn't like having that to theirs either. Made my life fraught with some unnecessary social drama. A little mystery and *not* knowing some details is fine with me.

Good Luck with Mr Easy!