Thursday, March 19, 2009

Four days of ups, downs, and ups again.

How can it only have been four days since I've updated here? I have so much info for you! I'll give you the play-by-play as if I were reporting it on each day.

Monday: feeling very happy and optimistic about Mr Recurring! We're back to our previous fun e-mail banter -- in a flirty moment, he joked about playing strip poker -- and interestingly, we have not only our next date planned, but the next two dates: a lunch date mid-week, then a proper weekend night out. Am very much looking forward to both, and it seems that he is as well.

Wednesday: my work day was off to a hectic start, so rather than the lunch date we had initially planned, I called Mr R to ask if he was free that night, maybe we could do a casual after-work thing instead. He started, "actually..."

He admitted to me that he's been on a few dates with someone else -- he feels that there's a special connection there, and he'd like to explore that... and as a result, feels we shouldn't be seeing each other any longer. He gave me more info than I really needed to hear: this felt like a one-in-a-million, and you can't control when this happens, blah blah blah.

I told him I appreciated his honesty, and that telling me this was preferable to him disappearing -- and wished him the best of luck.

(as written to a friend just after the call) I'm actually crying at my desk in my cubicle right now, hoping no one comes by -- maybe this dark cloud is a little bit about him, but more about the frustration of feeling that I had finally met someone I liked, only to have it go out the window -- and a little envy over the fabulous connection he seems to have with this other woman.

I'll be fine... but it just sucks right now.

Spend rest of the day brooding / crying in my cubicle / eating bad junk food. Several friends offered to take me out for a drink, and I wound up meeting M and her friend This Guy -- long time readers may remember that This Guy and I had a handful of dates about two years ago, but it never went anywhere. We run into each other occasionally at M's parties, and it has always been perfectly comfortable, no awkwardness whatsoever.

(strange -- just now, re-reading my almost two-year-old blog post about one of our early dates, I'm surprised -- I don't recall liking him as much as I seem to in this writeup! Anyway. I fall quickly sometimes -- surprise, surprise).

So -- M, TG and I went for a bite, and my spirits were lifted immediately thanks to their company and a few glasses of wine. We were about to walk to our respective subways when we passed by New Hip Restaurant -- M impulsively suggested we go there for just one more drink, which didn't take much convincing.

However -- at the door, the doorman / bouncer-type informed us: no reservation, no dice. We insisted, we just wanted to get a drink at the bar. Nope -- sorry.

M and I stood there looking at each other for a minute -- I wasn't ready to give up just yet, and just had a feeling that if we persevered or brainstormed, surely, there had to be a way in.

Just then, that "way" became apparent: the door swung open, and an acquaintance appeared -- let's call him Funny Guy. FG apparently had some connection there, and the fact that he knew me was all the doorman needed to know -- he whisked us inside, and insisted we join him and his friends. They generously shared some of their delicious apps with us (even though we just ate, we *had* to sample -- this restaurant is a bit pricey, and I probably won't be eating there anytime soon). Every so often, it's fun to pretend to be one of the Beautiful People.

Funny Guy and friends left before M, TG and I did -- when we asked for the check for our drinks, we were informed that it had been taken care of. I was touched by their generosity, and basked in the feeling that my day was finishing on a much better note than it had started.

But wait... it gets even better!

M hopped in a cab, and This Guy offered to walk me part of the way home. We then walked a bit more... and a bit more... until we were in front of my place, kissing. Then in my living room, kissing. And so on.

Thursday: did *not* get a good night of sleep at all... but it was 100% worth it. I thought this to myself as I said goodbye to This Guy at 9 am...


Anonymous said...

Sounds like quite a roller-coaster. Do you ever wonder, as I do, how exactly one gets off this seemingly endless roller-coaster ride?

Anonymous said...

Thank God for This Guy! But something about Mr Recurring creeps me out. The sudden turn around and the disappearing act. Something tells me his little story may not be on the up and up. And even if it is true, he may change his mind on this 'once in a lifetime'. Maybe I'm wrong, but he seems soooo flaky. So good riddance, I say! And good luck with This Guy!


Loverville said...

Anon: indeed, it is a roller-coaster. But isn't that how life goes? Just have to take the highs with the lows. As long as the good continues to be really good, I'll take the occasional bad that seems inevitable!

Beth: I don't see This Guy as a potential boyfriend, but maybe as an occasional fun fling...? I wouldn't mind. We'll see.

As far as Mr R... a friend reminded me after the fact, "wasn't he asking you about strip poker AFTER he supposedly had this amazing 3rd date with this other woman?". Indeed, good riddance! He's not *my* problem any more.

Anonymous said...

I think Mr. Recurring is lying. He sounds like a jerk.

But I'm confused as to how a one night stand could make you happy. I didn't think that what is what you were looking for.


Loverville said...

JAC: Whether Mr R was lying or not, no matter. He's out of the picture.

I don't think it's considered a "one night stand" if it's someone you've slept with in the past, and might potentially see again. More like a casual fling.

And no, I'm not "looking" for a casual fling - but if one occurs while I'm looking for something serious, well then, why not?

mimi of 'sexagenarian and the city' said...

oh gosh, i can so identify with all these switches of emotion.
i'm glad at least that you've seen mr. R for the cad he is. the question is whether it's possible to detect the next mr. R before you get involved with him...

Loverville said...

Mimi: it's hard to tell! Even in hindsight, I don't think Mr R exhibited cad-like behavior until the end. I think most people are on their best behavior in the beginning.

Anyway, it's not like I had any real time / energy invested in him -- to find out someone is a dillhole after only 3 dates is no great shakes. Better than finding out after 3 months or (perish the thought) 3 years!

Life On Edge. said...

yeah if Recurring is a professional 'disappearer', he probably didn't find the woman he will marry... no regret, he is indeed not so reliable.

And a fling is a good distraction...Don't we all need distractions?