Sunday, March 1, 2009

Introducing Guy Friend! (and followup WTF date)

I've been telling my guy friend (known here as, you got it, Guy Friend) for ages that he needs to start a dating blog. Not only does he go on many more dates than I do, his tend to be a bit more risque -- and I love hearing his stories from a guy's point of view.

He finally did it! Please visit his new blog -- appropriately titled Guy Friend. (awww, my very own spinoff, like "Joanie Loves Chachi" or "Joey"!)

Our views sometimes differ -- and we've discussed this in person. For example (as you'll read in his first post) -- he feels that after only a date or two, it's OK to simply do the "fade away" if you're not interested in the other person (aka, the Disappearing Act, aka Dropping Off the Face of the Earth).

I feel that if there's obviously no connection on the first date from both parties, then the mutual fade is fine. BUT, I think that if one party has contacted the other after the date, expressing interest to go out again, it's up to the disinterested party to somehow say, "thanks, but no thanks". He feels that the disinterested party can still do the fade away at that point... even if he's on the receiving end.



I have a very interesting WTF update: we had a second date, and while I was skeptical going in, I wound up having a very nice time. I'm not sure if our mutual friend mentioned anything to him... or maybe he just paid for everything on the second date because he simply wanted to? (we went for dinner and a movie -- since he'd already paid for dinner, I offered to get the movie... he insisted, "I've got it"). We then went out for dessert, and he was about to pay for that as well, but I insisted that he let me take care of it.

He's very sweet, cute and smart. Was there chemistry? Hard to tell... I was coming down with a cold, so I wasn't really in a mindset to focus on that. If I hear from him, I'd see him again. Stay tuned!

(at the moment, I'm more excited about Recurring -- some mildly flirty e-mails and texts this weekend means I'm especially looking forward to our next date, later this week).


Anonymous said...

Is it possible you can't tell if there's chemistry because you are so burnt out on dating?
That is what happened to me. After dozens and even hundreds of dates, having learnt there was no predictability in whether there would be a second date, but almost certainly there would not, I simply couldn't tell a thing about whether there was chemistry. I couldn't even tell what "chemistry" was. I kind of stopped caring, too, and gave up on e-dating.

mimi of 'sexagenarian and the city' said...

aha! somehow he wised up to his faux pas on the first date: he must have told someone what he did, and that someone told him off.
at any rate, you benefited! good.

Loverville said...

JAC: actually, I don't *think* I'm burned out at this point ... I just returned to the dating game after a bit of a hiatus.

As far as chemistry: there are those times when you're not sure it's there (ala WTF)... but then you also know when it's DEFINITELY there (I felt it with Mr. Recurring... and still with New Guy).

Mimi: I think someone must have filled him in! Anyway, it doesn't look like there will be another date, so no matter.

Anonymous said...

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