Sunday, March 15, 2009

That familiar old frustrating feeling. Again.

Had a third date with Mr. Recurring last week. I had a fabulous time, and thought he did as well. A friend had given me tickets to a show (lots of fun), followed by dinner a wonderful, warm restaurant where I know the owners -- amazing, lovely people who treat you like family. He texted me the next day to say "thank you" for a fabulous evening.

A few days went by before I heard from him again -- he apologized for not being in touch, as he'd been a bit under the weather. No mention of getting together again... and since I pretty much helmed the last date, I'm leaving the next one in his hands.

That is... if there is indeed a next one? Maybe I'm jumping the gun, but I just have a feeling that this is it. Done. If a guy is really into you, wouldn't he want to know (within a reasonable amount of time) when he'll have the chance to see you again?

A friend told me that since it's only been a few days since I've heard from him, it's too soon to tell whether or not he'll contact me for another date yet -- but I need to trust my gut, and mentally, at this point it's easier for me to write him off. If he contacts me -- great, I'll be pleasantly surprised, and will be very happy to see him again. But for now, I'm not going to be sitting by the proverbial phone.

Reminder: I'm being a little cautious in regards to him because as I wrote in an earlier post, he pulled one of those dating disappearing acts on a friend of a friend of a friend. Don't know details, but that has remained in the back of my mind.

Other guy news:
Martin, the short guy: we had a first date two weeks ago. Had a second date planned for last week -- he called that afternoon to cancel. That was fine by me -- I shouldn't have planned a Sunday evening date to begin with, as I like that chill time before a busy week.

He then left a message a few days later -- he had a friend visiting from out of town, but would like to get together once he's free. I e-mailed back, sure, just let me know when.

He then texted today, saying he was going to be in my neighborhood this afternoon, and would "love to hang" with me. I generally have no problem with being spontaneous, but I'm not a fan of the last-minute date request. I texted back that I wasn't free today, but to let me know if he'd like to plan something for later in the week. (note use of the word "plan").

Ha - then there's this guy I'll call Red Flag Guy -- there were a few red flags from the start:
1. his profile said he lived in Brooklyn, but in his first e-mail it came out that he lived in Bumfuck, New Jersey -- over an hour away. BUT he's planning on moving back to the city later this year.
2. no pics in his profile -- when I asked him to send some, he had only one to send. Really...?
3. right away, his e-mails were ridiculously gushy: he was smitten by my eyes, etc.

For some reason, I continued the e-mail exchange for a few days -- part social experiment, part staying-distracted-from-Mr-Recurring. When RFG left a message on my voicemail addressing me as "hey, sexy...", it just felt too icky to continue.

And -- not surprising -- when I told my friend A about him, she said he sounded familiar -- turns out he'd done the same thing to her when he contacted her last year, sexy-talk and all.

In my funk over Mr. Recurring, I found this ridiculous, hilarious website and it immediately improved my mood. Enjoy!
Unicorns and Cupcakes


mimi of 'sexagenarian and the city' said...

now what part of new jersey might that town be in, LV?!?!

Loverville said...

Oh, you haven't heard of it? Bumfuck is in Some-Forsaken-County, NJ. Exit 117.

Dating Trooper said...

Ah, yes. I've heard Bumfuck is quite renowned for their Middle-of-Nowhere style cuisine.

Love the website. Have to post that one on FB for sure!

Anonymous said...

I hate guys like Mr. Recurring!
What a flake!

Marc said...

For every Mr. Recurring there's a Ms. Recurring....and I may have dealt with most in the NY metro area. Some even in Bumfuck, NJ too.

Anonymous said...

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