Thursday, April 30, 2009

No news is good news...?

My friend M asked the other day when she was going to see the latest Loverville update (despite already getting, in person, what little dirt there was). I replied that there wasn't a whole lot of news to report... but maybe that in itself is the update. [Once again, I'm too tired to really put together coherent sentences -- I should not still be in the office at 10 pm! I'm just feeling too exhausted to make the trip home, been procrastinating for the past hour. Anyway.]

Martin and Mr Easy are both still in the picture. I feel that I have more of a cerebral connection with Mr Easy, but there is definitely more chemistry with Martin. Mr Easy is out of town this week, and I'm appreciating the time to hit that "pause" button.

I've been rather busy with work these days, as well as social and familial obligations -- happily, this has prevented me from engaging in my usual dating overthinking. At the moment, I'm not dating any new guys -- I just don't have the time. I have another business trip coming up in a few weeks, may consider cranking up the old J-date machine after that time. Will just have to see if / how things develop with the current contenders.

Not very exciting for a dating blog, eh?

Monday, April 20, 2009

Back in dating land.

During my ten-day business trip, I was so busy that I barely had time to think about guys and dating. In hindsight, it was very refreshing.

Before the trip, I had another date with each of the two guys who are currently in the picture: Martin and Mr Easy. They're both very nice guys, in different ways, but I think I feel more of a connection with Martin. There just seems to be more of a "click" there -- perhaps it's no coincidence that he's the one who communicated more frequently while I was away.

I have plans to see both of them later in the week, and I think I'll re-evaluate after the next date with each. I think it would be too soon to exclusively date Martin -- but at the same time, it doesn't feel right to continually date (and kiss) another guy. Obviously, I have no idea what he's up to -- for all I know, he could be planning a fifth date with another woman at this time. I just have to do what feels right for me.

If I did end things with Mr Easy, I think it would be a rather smooth break. We've had a fun time together, but I get a whiff of casual from him.

More eloquent writing next time... brain is still muddled from jetlag!

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Not one, but two.

A guy named Walt recently posed a question in the comments section -- he was dating two women at once, and wasn't quite sure how to go about it. It spurred quite a heated discussion here -- I've never had so many comments on one post!

Walt, I'm currently in a similar situation -- saying that, I don't know how far along you were with both your dates. I've only had three dates each with these two guys.

The details:
Mr Easy: we had another date since I last wrote. Lots of laughs. He remains funny and smart. Not sure how much of a "romantic" vibe I'm getting from him, but maybe it's too soon to tell?

Martin: talk about unexpected! Background: I wrote here that Martin and I had a first date, now over a month ago. In the weeks that followed, we exchanged a few texts, e-mails and calls -- admittedly, we both flaked a bit on each other.

Finally had a second (and a third) date this past week. This was one of those very, very rare times that I felt the first date was just okay, but the second was absolutely great. The third as well. I *do* get a warm, romantic vibe from this guy (but not inappropriately sappy for this early stage).

I don't think I necessarily need to "choose" at this point -- and as a wise friend once said to me, these things have a way of working themselves out. On one hand, I'd like to get to know each of these guys a little better -- but at the same time, I don't want to pull the rug out from under anyone.

I'm happy that I actually have an opportunity to hit the "pause" button on both of these: later this week, I'll be going out of town for work for a week and a half. I'll just see what correspondence is like with each of these guys while I'm away, and think about it when I get home.

Walt, if you're still out there, would love to hear what's going on in your world, with your two "lady friends"!

Saturday, April 4, 2009

A little bit of advice for the guys...

Guys -- if you're doing the online dating thing: not only should you NOT send an overly cheesy e-mail as your initial e-mail... you should not then cut and paste that very same e-mail to multiple women!

My friend A and I just realized that we each got this exact same e-mail from the same guy -- I referenced him some time ago, Red Flag Guy. Please comment if you've received this same e-mail as well! (next thing you know, he'll be e-mailing us about his bank account in Nigeria)

Hmmmm, someone would make my week if I heard from her, hint, hint:)

Those eyes and that smile are doing a serious number on me...!!

So listen, I figure we can elope and then have a small ceremony for our nearest and dearest...Is Paris too cliched for the elopement?:)

Beyond Smitten,
[Cheesy Guy]


I have some guy updates for you, but it will have to wait til tomorrow. Hint: I'm starting to like two different guys, and am feeling a bit flummoxed over it.