Sunday, September 20, 2009

A little happy dance.

Remember Smooch?

Recap: we had one great date a few weeks ago, then I was momentarily sidetracked by Insta-Boyfriend -- I'm still embarrassed to admit this, but all rational thinking went out the window, and with my head in the clouds, I wrote to Smooch and said I'd met someone else, and would like to explore that possibility. (he'd left a message and texted while I was feeling heady about Insta-BF, and I felt pressure to tell him something. Next time, a simple "work is busy right now" will suffice -- which happened to be true as well).

Once I came down to earth and started to realize that maybe Insta-BF wasn't going to be my beshert, I realized that I definitely wanted to give Smooch another shot. It had to be a perfectly crafted e-mail: humble yet confident, a little apologetic yet subtly sexy.

I guess it worked because he wrote back: at risk of seeming like a pushover, he'd love to see me again. Yay! I actually did a little happy dance in my office. Maybe I've built him up too much in my head, but I'm excited to see him again. Unfortunately, we have completely conflicting schedules right now: I'm going to be out of town this week, then he's away over the weekend. Hopefully that will be enough time for him to forget that I temporarily rejected him.

Insta-BF update: I'm not sure what to do here. He's definitely into me much more than I'm into him. I'm not sure I see this as a long-term thing, so maybe I should just enjoy his company for the moment, as long as it's fun...? At the same time, I really don't want to give him any false expectations.

I'm seeing him tonight for the first time in a week, will have to see what the vibe is like. Might just have to let this simmer quietly for the moment.


Hey, Guy Friend, start planning our dinner out! I know I still have another month to go, but I don't anticipate seeing Martin any time soon! Our last e-mail exchange was a week ago, and I'm too busy to feel tempted by him these days.

So! Momofuku, or Ippudo, or the Redhead, or Hearth... Just throwing a few ideas out there.


Guy Friend said...

Don't count your chickens just yet LV! What if he sends you another iphone love message?! You've got to hold out till Halloween?

email2femail said...

Nice story:)) and a great blog:)

*Juliette* said...

I LOVE the names of those restaurants! Can't wait to see how this bet ends up...

MackAttack said...

I had to comment because my husband did the same thing to me that you did to smooch. Good luck with the boys!

mimi of 'sexagenarian and the city' said...

Glad you're back in touch w. Smooth. No reason you can't date several at once. It's not always easy, but if one of them doesn't drive the others out of your head, why not? Hey at any rate, you've got good blog material for a while.

mimi of SATC said...


'Smooth' for 'Smooch' - hmmm.

The Relationship Guy said...

This is a really interesting have me hooked.

- The Relationship Guy

Anonymous said...

I have missed making time to read this blog over the summer. Glad that smooch was ok to get together again. Wishing you luck!

Mo :)

CoatMan said...

Wait, wait - what's wrong with the Insta-man? He seems nice, too. You're not writing him off because he's temporarily unsettled, are you?

But it must be good to be in demand!