Tuesday, September 1, 2009

A yes (136), a no (137), and a maybe.

Two recent dates to tell you about:

Date #136: Fabulous. Lots of fun, great conversation, wonderful chemistry. Drinks, dinner, lots of smooching while we walked along the street, or sat on a park bench, or rode in a taxi. He texted the next day, then called just to chat the next night. For an hour. A rarity indeed. I'm stuck on a blog name for him, so let's just call him Smooch for now.

The surprise for me: I've mentioned that a lot of my exes have had more or less the same look -- thick, curly hair, very Jewish-looking. (from the "David / Steven store", as dubbed by my buddy Brian) While Smooch is Jewish, it stops there -- he has more hair on his face than he does on top of his head. (but certainly not in a gone-crazy Joaquin Phoenix kind of way -- no big, furry beard here, thankfully) He's not my "usual" type, but I don't care -- I think he's adorable. (and smart, funny, vivacious, etc.) We're both going to be out of town for the holiday weekend, but hopefully we'll get together next week.

And -- he also has an old Jewish man's name -- again, it doesn't matter to me a whit. Rather, I find it somewhat endearing.

Date #137: Not so fabulous. Blog name "Wallace", because he reminds me of this guy:

I tried really hard to like him -- he's smart and semi-interesting -- but it just wasn't there for me. "Nebbish-y" was the word that came to mind. After an hour or so of milking my drink, I think I sent a clear message that there was no interest by announcing just how tired I was, and that I needed to call it a night.

Talked to a new guy tonight -- let's call him The Young'Un for now - he's five years my junior. We've been emailing on and off for a few months now, and might finally get around to meeting in person next week. This was a first for me: Young'Un and I talked via video IM tonight -- kind of surreal to talk to a potential date that way.


Andy Tarica said...

Wow, video chat with Young'Un, you are brave LV!!

Good luck with all your chickens.

Loverville said...

Actually, I was still in "date-wear", the cute dress with makeup on, so the video chat was no big deal.

You know, kids today, with their fancy technology!

Anonymous said...

Can you assess the video IM? Was it more like talking on the phone or meeting in person, in terms of what you found out about this guy? Or was it something in between?

Now that you video chatted with him, do you have more information about him?

In other words, it is helpful technology or useless in terms of what you are trying to learn?


*Juliette* said...

I'm curious about the video chat too, because I have that technology and have wondered if it would be useful. Probably yes in terms of sizing up attractiveness, I would assume. I haven't done it yet because I'd probably want to do my hair and makeup and get a nice outfit on first, and after all that, why not just go meet in person?

Loverville said...

The video chat was just a quick HI -- we started on the phone while we were both waiting for food deliveries (so NYC), decided to video chat for just a minute or so before our respective dinners arrived.

We continued an hour later, via regular phone -- we were both a bit too full from our dinners to look our best.

The main thing I got from the video chat: while he looked good in some of his pics, and merely so-so in others -- the video confirmed that he's a good-looking guy.

Juliette: to answer your question -- I think this is up there with a phone call, in terms of a quick assessment to decide IF you want to meet in person or not. Saying that... I wouldn't put on makeup just for a video call! (I'd insist that we stick to regular phone, in that case)

Filipina Girl said...

Hopefully your date with Young'Un will turn out great! His name sounds like Korean or something related to that..hehehe

CoatMan said...

Hey, what's wrong with Wallace? He's excellent!