Saturday, November 7, 2009

And in the lead...

Things are feeling really good with Capt Awesome -- "really good", as in, I think I'm not going to date anyone else at the moment. I just can't get to know other guys when I really want to get to know just one guy in particular.

This was pretty evident on my date with Smooch the other night. I warned him earlier in the day that I was getting over a cold -- this was somewhat true (I seem to have had a mild cold for the past few weeks) -- but I mainly wanted to establish that this would be a relatively nookie-free night. (note: not sure what YOUR definition is of "nookie" -- in this case, I'm just referring to kissing)

I'm sure he sensed something was different -- it just wasn't as comfortable and easy as it had been on our two previous dates. Who knows - things might have been different if we had carried on dating consistently after our first date in the end of August. But it just is how it is. So.

Capt Awesome and I have been emailing and texting every day. We have a fabulous, long date planned for tomorrow... and he has already invited me to a party next week.

AND... I did a bit of cybersnooping, and discovered two things:
1. he took down his Jdate profile -- wow!
2. we're not Facebook friends, but he has no privacy settings up, which means I can read his wall, check out his pics, etc even though we're not FB "friends". In one status update, he wrote that he was having a particularly good week -- when a friend inquired about that, he responded that work was going well and he'd "met a new girl".

I'm just feeling giddy and smiley about him right now. And if I hear from Smooch again? I'm not sure. Do I tell him that I've met someone? (perhaps a bit premature) Or do I tell him that work / life is too busy right now, and maybe we can touch base in a few weeks? Hm. Will cross that bridge when I get to it. (interesting sidenote: it just happens that Smooch wrote to one of my friends on Jdate this week -- of course, he has no idea that she's my friend. Coincidence.)


Anonymous said...

Good luck!

I don't think you need to DO anything with Smooch. See what happens, let him call or not, go out with him or not, get another cold or even the flu. The fact he wrote to one of your friends -- well, that speaks for itself. Maybe your friend can write back that she is feeling gun-shy about guys who are dating others and wants to know if he has any irons in the fire currently.


Dark Cloud Nine said...

interesting times!!! I agree with the previous commenter that you don't need to say much to Smooch.. just be busy... which is what you are.

d in the 51st state said...

all best hopes for you, as ever dx

Loverville said...

PT: he wrote to my friend via Jdate, so obviously, he didn't know that she was my friend. Anyway, she's not interested.

We only went out 3 times, so there's no reason for him NOT to date other people anyway. I'm not trying to defend him... that's just the way it is!

He texted me tonight, saying he happened to be in my neighborhood -- I didn't notice the text immediately, as I was out with Capt Awesome. More to come...!

*Juliette* said...

RE: Capt. Awesome taking his profile off Jdate without telling you... I've had guys do that after 2 dates with me. Is it creepy and too soon or just because they can't multi-task?

Datehater said...

So refreshing to hear a GOOD dating story! I guess they do exist.

Ruby said...

I read this a few days ago but didn't note (ugh!). But I am so excited for you and super glad that we're both having good luck in this regard. I like the idea of not really doing anything where Smooch is concerned. Capt Awesome is putting in the effort, and that's where it's at, in my book!

Anonymous said...

I read your blog every once in a while and you get so giddy so quickly over guys. But good luck on this one!