Tuesday, November 3, 2009

My new boyfriend.

I have a new boyfriend, and he's been occupying nearly all my free time these past few weeks. His name is Don Draper.

I was a bit late to hop on the Mad Men phenomenon -- but once I did, it was full steam ahead. Netflix couldn't get the DVDs to me fast enough -- I had to start downloading them from iTunes. Every night, I was sucked into the goings-on at Sterling Cooper. On weekend days, entire afternoons were devoted to the latest drama between Don and Betty.

FINALLY, I'm caught up! I watched all three seasons in as many weeks, and I'm relieved to have my life back. I did manage to have a few real-life dates in the meantime -- updates to follow soon. There's even one guy who has my attention more than the others (besides Don Draper, that is -- our relationship has nearly run its course, as this season is about to end).

One last tidbit of amusement:

A few days ago, I got a call from a number I didn't recognize. I didn't pick up. I then received this text from the same number a few minutes later:

Hi, it's Joe Shmoe from a few years ago. I have a crazy idea, and would like to discuss if you have an open mind -- if you know what I mean.

Background: "Joe" and I dated about 3 years ago (pre-blog) for a few months, but it was never serious. It just didn't have the makings of a great romance. (or even a not-so-great one, for that matter)

I texted back asking for details, and he said it was easier to discuss on the phone. I called him, more out of curiosity than anything else -- he said that he got married last year, and he and his wife have been talking about having a threesome, and would I be interested?

I laughed out loud, and sarcastically thanked him for thinking of me, but it just wasn't my thing. It's especially bizarre because he does NOT seem like the kind of guy who would be into that at all -- I recall that he was a pretty straight-laced, button-up kind of guy.

Check back in a few days for updates on Mr Cool, Smooch, a new guy I shall dub "Captain Awesome", and someone who will simply be known as "Sourpuss". (just one guess on how well that date went!)


Dating Trooper said...

Hey you! Keep your hands off my man. Don Draper that is.
Oh, he's so dreamy. But the last few episodes of this season I am starting to get pretty angry at him. Doesn't mean I wouldn't still jump his bones.....

Anonymous said...

That is so staggeringly, disgustingly, skin-crawlingly awesome!

It's one better than the guy who will date you but won't marry you. This guy will have a threesome with you but won't date you!

And he married a woman who also wants a threesome and doesn't even mind that he called an ex- for the honor, no matter how unthreatening that ex- might be? He could have gone looking for an anonymous stranger off Craigslist. It's kind of touching that he thought of you. Thank goodness he and his wife found each other!

At least he's right that some things are better discussed not via text.

Jenny said...

Wow, that is absolutely and fantastic to hear that you finally got a new boyfriend after all those dating escapades. :D