Sunday, January 24, 2010

Another "10 lbs in 10 weeks" challenge -- join me!

Twice in the past, on this blog I challenged myself to lose 10 lbs in 10 weeks -- all those posts here.

I often struggle with those few extra pounds, and for some reason, declaring my weight loss challenge on this blog really helped -- both times I reached my goal.

It's time for another one... unfortunately, this time my starting weight is a little higher: 144 as of this morning. (ack!) The plan is to lose a pound a week, on average. I'd actually like to lose about 15 - 20 lbs, but this is a good start.

Anyone else out there who wants to lose a few? Let's do this together! I'll report back here every Sunday with the weigh-in for that week.

10 lbs down by April 4 is the goal!


I'm glad that I'm rather stressed with work these days to focus much on the guy situation, which is a bit sad at the moment.

Mr 2010:
I've written him off (again). Why bother texting me to check in, saying you'll call later, then never call? (as he did four days ago) And never bother responding to my email? That's just lame. Onward. I'm disappointed, but I know better than to hold out hope on someone who clearly isn't interested -- despite seeming very interested on all of our six dates.

Reminder: this guy and I share mutual friends. These friends have frequent parties, which is how I met Mr 2010 in the first place. Not sure when the next party is, but I'm going to work on my "look of disgust" and "steely gaze" before then.

I wrote earlier in the comments that I was OK with the idea of having him as a "friend with benefits", but after giving it some thought -- I'm not sure. I like him as a person (but wouldn't want him as a boyfriend, for several reasons) -- at the same time, casual sex can make me feel a bit... empty. (at other times, with the right person, it can be just right -- but I'm not sure this is one of those situations)

When I last saw him (um -- this afternoon, after spending the night at my place, and cooking brunch together) we didn't talk about when we'd see each other again, as we usually did when we were dating the first time around. I think I just need to not see him for a little while.

He's turning into one of those guys: the kind of guy who can never seem to make plans because he's soooo busy -- but will text me at 8:30 pm with "come meet me for a drink!". He did it again tonight. I texted back that I couldn't do tonight, but how about a night later in the week? Surprise! No response!


I really do need a break from dating for now. I let my Jdate membership expire a few weeks ago, and checked out another dating site today, but felt no compelling reason to join that one either. Time out!

Also: I think losing a few pounds will boost my confidence, which certainly can't hurt in the dating arena.


Anonymous said...

sign me up for your weight loss challenge! i've gotten way too fluffy since breaking up with my boyfriend in October. i am forging ahead with dating even though i'm not entirely happy with my weight right now, but hitting the gym and eating better should be a confidence boost in the meantime.

Anonymous said...

p.s. sorry about Mr. 2010. why do some guys put it out there and then refuse to follow through? so irritating and disappointing.

Lifebeginsat30ty said...

I've also been working on those extra few holiday 'left-overs'. Isn't that what the new year is for? ;)

Sounds like you've got too many flakes in your life. I kind of wish I had someone casual right now though, hm. Breaks are good though. I might be doing something like that right now out of non-interest in anyone than anything else!

Anonymous said...

That's the problem -- there are not many choices. I mean, what happens when no guy you encounter is a guy you are interested in? The pickin's are slim.


Anonymous said...

I'm definitely in for the weight loss challenge. 10lbs would get me absolutely bang on my target weight. I stalled a little after my efforts last year.

Dating? Meh, just a minefield of heartbreak I have found. Time for some single time for me.

Lori said...

I found that adding a ticker to my blog last year really helped keep me in check. Google "fitness tickers" if that appeals to you. I also have an app on my iphone that records when I go to the gym, and keeps a record per week, per month, and per year. I find that incredibly motivational, even though no one really sees it but me.

Loverville said...

How's everyone doing with the challenge so far this week?

I was eating super light / healthy til yesterday -- all these delicious, greasy foods just kept appearing in front of me at work (fried chicken... pizza...), and I indulged a bit too much.

It's a new day! As long as that's my only "bad" day this week, I should be OK.

Sunday is weigh-in day! I'll post that day -- feel free to comment on your progress!

Lifebeginsat30ty said...

I was just going to say that we needed a new post! I ate really well this week (have decided to bring salads for lunch, yay) but was out all week so couldn't exercise :( Now it's snowing a lot! Argh.