Sunday, January 17, 2010

Date #154: Michael Douglas meets Christopher Walken

Poor "Michael Douglas meets Christopher Walken" - he was just a bit socially awkward. The fidgeting. The admission that he doesn't go out much, and goes on an internet date every two or three months.

Note to self: if you SENSE someone may be a bit strange from their emails -- there's a good chance that they ARE!

The name comes from the fact that he was pretty decent looking (like a young Michael Douglas) ... but had the monotonous speaking patterns of Christopher Walken.

Really -- I tend to think that I have a tough time with dating in NY, but this guy seems to have it worse. I felt bad for him when he left a message the next day, asking if I'd like to get together again -- I emailed him, thanking him for his message, but I just didn't feel the kind of chemistry I'm looking for. It felt like the kind thing to do.


Speaking of dating trouble -- well, maybe it's a bit premature to say it's "trouble" just yet, but I'm not feeling as optimistic about Mr 2010 as I was earlier this week. No real communication after our last date until today, when he called to cancel our date for tonight -- he was under the weather, and he *did* actually sound sick. Still, my gut is now telling me: don't get your hopes up about this one.

I've been wrapped up in my head about this today -- disappointment over him, and dating in general -- and yet (as always), typing this out here is helping to make me feel just a bit better, and put things in perspective.

It sucks, but I'll be fine. If it doesn't work out with him? Then it wasn't meant to be, and I'll meet someone else. Still, saying that -- he "felt" more right than any other guy has in a long time. Sigh.

I've decided: the Michael Douglas etc guy is going to be my LAST internet date for a while. I've let my Jdate membership run out. I'm just DONE, at least for now. Exhausted. Looking forward to taking a break from the dating merry-go-round. I have a busy month of work ahead of me, so I'm going to let that consume me for now. (along with the many plans with friends that seem to be popping up left and right)

Final note: interestingly -- just now, who should lift me a bit out of this funk but Martin -- yes, THE guy who disappointed me more than once in the past. We've become friends of late -- have gone out to dinner a few times. Just moments ago, he texted me to say he was in a nearby bar, and did I want to meet for a drink?

I declined -- it's late, and I'm about to go to bed, and I'm in a bit of a funk anyway. He texted back: no funk, gorgeous! Be your badass self! Mwah!

That made me smile -- isn't it funny how the littlest things like this can help shoo away a dark cloud?


Dark Cloud Nine said...

Friends are better than sex. There. I said it.

Anonymous said...

LV, I was going to suggest this a few weeks back but I didn't because I didn't want to plant ideas in your head. Your dates are so entertaining! Bad date = good story.

But..... I was going to suggest: Were you maybe considering declaring the whole online dating thing a failure? Thinking maybe it wasn't going to work for whatever reason? Deciding to screen way more rigidly, in which case you would be the one having one date every 2 or 3 months? Shifting your energies to meeting guys in the wild, instead? Basically, weren't you so burnt out and fed up and disheartened that, for the infinitesimal chance of a positive outcome, you were just going to stop doing the online thing?

It seems, however, that you did not need a prod to decide something similar, at least for the time being. Maybe it was your tone that betrayed your growing disillusionment with the process, and I sensed you ought to take a break from the online thing.

Obviously, the guys you liked were even worse disappointments than the ones you had no interest in. So near yet so far.

I have no grand statement to make at this point except that I agree the whole process is exhausting and awful.


Loverville said...

Dark Cloud: you may be right!

PT: I know online dating "can" work -- I have many friends who are now married as a result of meeting their partners online.

Saying that: it hasn't really worked for me lately. I think I sometimes get a brief ego boost by having multiple dates in the works, only to be later frustrated when it turns out to not work out.

It's a start that I had 3 dates recently who were NOT online dates... will try to keep that going!

Lifebeginsat30ty said...

Wow, 3 no-internet dates! I am impressed. My new year's resolution is to go out on a date with someone I have no met on the internet.

Just came by to check out your blog. Me likey :) I have to say I'm the same boat: a little disillusioned with dating in general. Had a date I was excited about last night and was disappointed. And each date seems to be getting worse on the chemistry scale, not better.

So I hung out with a new girl friend. Man that was SO much funner! lol

Will be back!

Anonymous said...

i was in LA last week, and someone thought they saw Christopher Walken. someone at our table didn't know who he was, so we were trying to think of a movie he's been in and for the life of us, none of us could think of any movies, even though we have all seen him in a hundred different things!

did you ever hear back from Mr. 2010?