Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Still relaxing, still enjoying the ride of 2010.

Slight tipsy blogging right now (not quite drunk) -- just got in from yet another wonderful date with Mr 2010. He's lovely, smart, fabulous, thoughtful. We had one of those goodnight kisses on the street before I got on my subway -- the kind of kiss that just makes it hard to say goodbye.

I'm still (mostly) sticking to my new motto for this year: relax, and enjoy the ride. I'm feeling really good about him, and am just (trying to) take this moment by moment. Every so often I get a twinge of "this may be too good to last / the rug might get pulled out from under me", but then it usually disappears pretty quickly.

Thankfully, I'm NOT at all itching to ask what he's "looking for", the way I felt with Smiley early on. (I checked my notes: I first had a hint of a talk with Smiley on the subject on our eighth date). I think it's because I suspected that Smiley was similar to other in-career-limbo guys I've dated in the past -- the kind of guy who feels that he needs to sort out his own life first before he can think of sharing it with someone else. And I was right. You know what they say about trusting your gut.

Mr 2010 seems to be happy and successful in his career, so thankfully, no career limbo there. Of course that means nothing in terms of what he wants in a relationship, but it could potentially be one less obstacle.

For now, my gut is giving me two thumbs up (guts have thumbs...?). Next date already in place for this weekend. I have a new Jdate planned before then, but I feel that I'm just going through the motions right now.


Anonymous said...

Good things happen in even numbered years! :)

mimi of sexagenarian and the city said...

very good so far.

btw you might want to read some of my may 2009 / june 2009 / july 2009
blog posts about funny guy, just to see what the early posts are like of a relationship that ended up working.

i was recently looking over my private emails about him, ones i wrote juliette of rendezvouswithromeos, and i saw that i kept saying, 'i'm not sure where this going' and 'i'm being cautious' etc. but in retrospect, it was good from the start because we got along so well.

afn but hoping this continues well.

Skye Blue said...

First time here, and liked the post.

I think guts definitely do give two thumbs up, or down as necessary.

It's just to bad so many of us ignore them.

Good luck with Mr. 2010.

Anonymous said...

Comforting to read there truly are others in the same boat. Okay, here comes a metaphor, but sometimes the boat is on a smooth course and I can see that exotic island where my true love awaits (tanned and buffed) then suddenly I lose an oar and end up rowing in circles and it sucks! Did I miss the signals? Was it a mirage? I would much rather read that Mr. 2010 was not fading but getting ready to jump in the boat with you. I also believe that men have a different sense of time. For women, one day of waiting is like seven dog years. To him, he’s just had a lot going on and he thinks it’s only been an hour since he last saw you.Like a loyal dog, he’ll greet you as if he had just spoken with you. So enough metaphors, I need something uplifting too so I'll read Mimi's posts. Don’t give up on Mr. 2010.