Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Date #156... and an apology.

This snowy weather is making me tired and lazy, so I'm going to make this short and sweet and get back to some quality TV-watching and Match-surfing!

Date #156: "Dominic"
Dominic was an English guy in my circle of friends in my 20s, and I had a HUGE crush on him for ages. We smooched once or twice, but it never went further than friendship.

This past weekend I had a brunch date with a British guy who now lives here in NY. I'm normally skeptical about a brunch date -- I generally think it's a good idea to have some darkness and booze to relax a bit around someone new -- but it seemed like it was the only time that worked for both of us. Let's-call-him-Dominic was smart and perfectly nice and had the kind of charming smile that I like -- but I'm just not sure the zing was there.

If I hear from him, I'd be happy to go out with him again -- if not, no harm done.

Shocker of the week -- I got this email from Mr 2010 (and since I don't particularly care if he discovers the blog, here it is in its entirety):

Hi, yes, I am safely alive, thanks. I'm really sorry about last Sunday. I don't have a worthy explanation... I barely got out of bed all day, and then when I saw your text it was already late and I felt like a big jerk. I've been trying to figure out how to talk to you about it since then, but not very successfully, obviously.

It's a longer, bigger story than I can do via email right now, but I've been a bit of a mess recently. It's not something I'd want to inflict on anyone else. I like you, but I have to deal with my crap right now. I hope you understand, and I hope you can forgive me for being such an inconsiderate ass.

I hope you're well. Thank you for the concern, too.

[Mr 2010]

So -- that's that. Better late than never, I suppose? Anyway, my main thought was: whew! Dodged THAT bullet.

I haven't felt a need to write back. Done.


The Girl said...

Good idea. Best to leave that type alone til they sort themselves out. Aren't British men adorable though? Love their accents.

mimi of sexagenarian and the city said...

"an inconsiderate ass" -- well, that's for sure! but i do wonder if he really believes that. However, it's a good kind of closure to have.

Anonymous said...

Well, now my curiosity is piqued! I wonder what's up with Mr. 2010.


d in the 51st state said...

who knew?! x

Loverville said...

Girl: absolutely!

Mimi: who knows. But yes, I'm glad he apologized, FWIW.

PT: I know he's going through a rough divorce, no idea what else is happening.

D: surely you knew!

** I think I have to disclose here that "D in the 51st State" is the original Dominic -- we're still in touch occasionally, and he's still a lovely, wonderful person! He's living back in England, where he's happily engaged to a fabulous woman (or married? Can't remember, sorry!)

*Juliette* said...

Good closure all around.

Lifebeginsat30ty said...

Yes, definitely dodged a bullet with THAT! Ugh. The whole self-sacrifice ploy, is it? Good riddance.

Dominic on the other hand sounds wholey likable :) Can't wait to hear more!

d in the 51st state said...

er, well, our mutual friend G said something just a couple of years ago (which really did come as a revelation). But when you & I were hanging out (or at any time in my life for that matter...), unless someone says so in clear, unequivocal terms easily understood by a small child, or hands me a note, or has written on their forehead "I like you, you dope" and furiously bats their eyelashes, you can guarantee that I will never have a clue. (I think it's a combination of (a) having gone to an all-boys high school (therefore missing out on all that formative-years flirting that i can only assume goes on in coed establishments - I don't think I even had a single conversation with a girl between 11-16); and (b) chronic 'ugly duckling' syndrome which lasted from 12-30ish when I started going bald and portly and ceased caring!)

And yes, recently happily married to the best person I've ever known. (I'll email you wedding picture...)

Hope Dominic MkII works out! x

Kate said...

I would tend to say avoid the Brits but that might just be my years of not finding a decent one here!

The guys sounds really rude - that excuse is rubbish!

Kate xxx

Plentymorefishoutofwater said...

Hey, British guy here...
I think you're right about dodging a bullet. I would quite like to know his story to see just how messed up he is right now.
*Catch up with my dating disasters at plentymorefishoutofwater*