Saturday, February 20, 2010

Feeling like Switzerland.

Work is starting to heat up these days, which means I don't have much time or energy to think about dating. I have a few guys in my Match in-box who seem interesting -- and I'll get around to writing back to them at some point, once I catch my breath. Overall, I'm feeling rather neutral about dating these days -- I'm in a Switzerland state of mind.

And -- I'm about to contradict myself when I tell you that I kissed five different guys in the past week. Yes, five.

Number one: last week, I had dinner with Martin, and there was a bit of smooching afterwards. We're officially "just friends", but I've decided that I need to start phasing him out, or only seeing him in group situations.

Two: This Guy and I were at the same party last weekend. (background: he and I dated casually two years ago, and have occasionally fooled around since then. He's a sweet, smart guy, a bit quirky, but not someone I see as a potential boyfriend).

We shared a taxi downtown together, and wound up kissing. When we discussed whether to go for another drink at a bar or at my place, we wound up at my apartment. He spent the night, sans sex -- actually, it didn't really go beyond kissing -- it was rather late, and we crashed pretty quickly. Hot, huh?

Three: A first date (#157) -- I've dubbed him "Murray" -- he looked like a combination of Kevin Spacey and a younger Bill Murray. (in a good way -- I like that look) He was a Match date, but it turns out we knew some people in common, which is always a nice way to take off the edge of anonymity.

I enjoyed the date -- we had dinner, then drinks in a dark, sultry cocktail lounge where we smooched for a bit. I would have been very happy to see him again, but I got an email from him two days later, saying that while he had a very nice time, he was trying to deal with a past relationship that he hadn't quite gotten over yet, and apologized if he led me on. Very respectfully written -- anyway, que sera, sera.

Four: Another first date (#158) - let's call him "Einstein". Yes, he's a very smart guy, but at first (by email, then by phone) I felt that he was trying a bit too hard to prove to me just how smart he was. He'd describe something as "byzantine", when "complicated" or "intricate" would have sufficed -- or he'd mention something about the apartment in which he "resided", when most people would have simply used "lived".

Something interesting happened when we met up: he dropped the pompous git act, and was a cool, interesting, normal guy. (I wonder if that was his way of screening out the dummies, perhaps). We had a fun time, and I'm looking forward to seeing him again this weekend.

Five: date number two with Dog Man, after our first date two weeks ago. There's something a bit strange about this guy, based on his body language. Over dinner, I felt that he was pointedly looking around the room as if the mafia was after him. After, we played a quick game of pool -- he seemed to warm up a bit more, and was rather flirty as he gave me pointers. Quick kiss goodnight on the street as he hailed a taxi for me. If he calls, I'd give him another shot, but wouldn't go out of my way to make anything happen.

This coming week, I really do have too many social obligations to really think about dating. Really. Ok, we'll see...


Lifebeginsat30ty said...

Ahahahaha. All that and you're still in Switzerland? Are you sure you're not just a little worn out? ;p I's very jealous at the moment.

Seriously though, I have these little 'breaks' I take from dating. I think you just have to be in the right frame of mind for it. Am currently on one now. But that's when things with Mr. Fish got interesting. Hm. Maybe breaks are good? :)

Loverville said...

Breaks are definitely good! And I think I'm worn out not just from going on too many dates, but also from being out almost every night this past week.

I have to catch up on your Mr Fish situation!

Simone Grant said...

I think breaks are a great thing. So is kissing!!