Wednesday, April 7, 2010

30 second update

My friend Shmutti told me that my "fans" (awww!) are waiting with bated breath to find out what happened with Bond -- I know I should continue to build suspense, and I'll write more details later, but here's the condensed update:

* date #2: wonderful. Great connection. I'm really digging this guy, and it seems he feels the same.

* the following days: his emails have gone from warm and sweet, to short and perfunctory. I have a momentary freakout (not on him, of course -- just venting to any friend who will listen). I blame it on the jetlag.

* a week after the second date, he writes to apologize for distancing himself -- he wanted to admit that he was still dating other women, and felt like a jerk for it, because he thinks I'm really cool.

* I'm like -- whoa, dude needs some dating lessons. Sure, we had a great connection -- but not enough to ever assume that that made us exclusive (you know what they say about assuming...). I write back saying we just need to chill, and while I appreciate his honesty, he should know that I haven't stopped dating others either.

* So -- I haven't exactly been "dating" others (I haven't had time -- was just on a brief roadtrip with my best friend the past few days) -- I'm "in talks" with new guys.

* AND -- something about spring -- so many of my past guys are coming out of the woodwork! Smiley and I exchanged a few texts and emails this weekend ... Smooch (we had 3 dates in the fall) wants to make me dinner... and Martin just texted about getting together soon.

* AND -- when I was in a funk over Bond a few days ago, I found the perfect distraction: this adorable, smart, 28-year-old guy, a friend of a co-worker's. He's new to the city. There have been talks of getting a drink soon.

* About two years ago, I had two dates with a new guy (will have to dig up his blog name). I liked him enough, but he emailed that he didn't feel the connection he was looking for. Fair enough. Fast forward to a few days ago: he wrote to me on Match (I think we first met on Jdate) -- he likes my profile, my energy, my interests. He clearly doesn't recognize me. I'm thinking of "not recognizing" him either.


Lifebeginsat30ty said...

Oh wonderful spring! So is Bond out of the picture then? Or you just haven't seen each other since the convo? I'm actually finding it kind of funny that he was acting distant bc of something in his own head! Boys, I swear.

jgo said...

Im always wary of someone who doesnt remember you going on a date. Think about how many dates he must have been on to forget you. Then again you have been on a lot of dates as well.

Loverville said...

Mimi -- crazy, huh?! They must not keep good notes, the way I do!

Life -- he's out of town for a few days, so hopefully I'll see him soonish. I'm still hopeful about him, but not counting on anything at this time.

JGO - eh, I'm not taking it personally. Anyway, if he wasn't interested then, chances are, he won't be now!

I wrote back to him with the truth, reminding him that we went out two years ago. If he wants to give it another shot, great -- if not (more likely), no big deal.

Dark Cloud Nine said...

aww crap. Bond had a conscience. That's actually kind of endearing.

Plentymorefishoutofwater said...

Haha I think you should go on a date with the last guy...the look on his face when he realises it's you would be blog gold.
*Plentymorefishoutofwater - One Man's Dating Diary*

Anonymous said...

Dark Cloud, you are brilliant!

LV, this is disappointing and confounding. What does he want??!!?? I think this kind of guy has a fear of commitment. When a guy really wants a woman in his life, he would rather have one than keep hunting for one, right? As much as I like reading your blog, I want you to *have* to shut it down like Mimi, because your love life is content and boring. Bummer that Bond is turning out to be as much a flake as the others.

I am a fan of the young colleague. My guy is a LOT younger than I am. It doesn't matter one whit.

Anonymous said...

That was me, PT, above. I forgot to sign my name!

Anonymous said...

I think he was not into you as much as you were into him so he just made the excuse that he wanted to be truthful that he was dating other people. onward.

Carly said...

Haha he sound so clingy! That's funny he wanted to apologize for being distant. Hello- it was only a 2nd date. Check out my blog