Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Dates #165 & 166

I'm still a bit tipsy from tonight's date, so for the moment, I'm just going to throw this out there and see what sticks. Note: it just took about six attempts to spell the word "moment" correctly. Blame it on the wine.

Earlier this week: date #165. I'm blanking on a descriptive name for him, so let's just call him 165 for now. Good enough conversation. He's likable. A bit of smooching at the end. He asked me to get together this weekend, and I said yes.

There were no crazy fireworks the way there were on that first date with Bond (formerly known as BEST FIRST DATE EVER) -- but maybe that's okay? Maybe it's better to start with a small spark, rather than explosive pyrotechnics? We'll see.

It just hit me: he will now be known as Sparky.

Tonight's date, #166. Let's call him Tom -- I'll explain why in a moment. Tom and I started writing a week or so ago, and immediately had this fabulous online connection. We were intrigued by one another, and wanted to uncover every stone, but because of our schedules, we wouldn't be able to meet til tonight, Wednesday.

No problem -- the anticipation was fun. I just counted: in the course of a week, he sent me about 60-something emails, and I probably replied back each time. One day, we IMd for about two hours. At the same time, we were realistic in realizing that though we might like each other on paper, the in-person chemistry would either be there... or it wouldn't. And if it wasn't, we sensed we'd remain friends anyway.

Today was the day. I got my first email from him at 8 am -- he seemed as excited as I was. I even went out and bought a new dress, a very hot red wrap thing. As I walked to the wine bar to meet him, I realized I was nervous -- I couldn't remember the last time I was nervous about a date.

Long story short: we spent three hours talking, drinking, eating. We told stories, jokes, anecdotes. At times, I found myself wondering: how do you *know* when the chemistry is there? The fact that I was asking myself that meant that it was clearly lacking. I'm sure he felt the same way -- and that's fine.

Why the blog name Tom? He happens to look like my friend Shmutti's friend Tom, is all. "Her" Tom happens to be bald, gay and very dapper - I don't think my guy tonight was gay, but he certainly was dapper.

I DID have one really fabulous date this week: I met some of my favorite fellow bloggers, and had a blast! I met Lucky Girl (who already felt like an old buddy, as we'd been emailing quite a bit), Simone of Sex, Lies & Dating, KB in NYC, and Celeste of the Big Girl Blog. They all rock, big time -- smart, fun, vivacious. Ladies, if you're reading this -- great to meet you all, and hope to do it again soon!


Lifebeginsat30ty said...

Wow, this bloggers meeting in real life is really catching on! Too bad most of them I read are in other states. Ah well. Glad you guys had fun! Must be interesting to read their blogs after you've met them!

As to the dates: Ugh! to what happened with Tom. I HATE that! How you seem to have such a connection with someone on-line, and then no chemistry! It's just cruel of the universe.

LuckyGirl said...

If my "Greek Dish" tonight hadn't been so sumptuous, you would have been my best date this week!

Still, you're a TOP highlight. As was this excellent and entertaining post!

Hugs & Kisses,
Your old new friend, Lucky Girl

mimi of sexagenarian and the city said...

oh gosh, a whole new generation of dating bloggers i don't know! they look great. loverville, did you know i killed my blog? final two posts have been up for a little while.

Slinky Redfoot said...

I think this post was for you!