Tuesday, May 25, 2010

A little bit giddy.

So -- last night's date. I wrote this about him a few weeks ago:

* I got an email the other day from a new guy on OK Cupid -- well, not so new. I *knew* he looked familiar, but couldn't place him. Let's call him Curly, due to his hair. I searched my dating Word docs from the past five years -- no mention of Curly in recent years. (I only started keeping notes on my dating life in 2005)

I wrote back to him, saying I just KNEW that we'd met before, but couldn't place him. He wrote back -- he'd figured it out -- an old friend of mine is his cousin, and we met while I was out with her one night about ten years ago. He said that we seemed to hit it off at the time, but we never went out again -- I was about to leave the country for a few weeks.

I have a new, improved blog name for him. Rather than Curly, I'd rather call him Jon -- he bears a slight resemblance to Jon Hamm, aka Don Draper. Especially that fabulous smile.

So -- Jon it is.

When "Jon" and I met for our date at a local wine bar, there was an immediate ease. This definitely wasn't my average anonymous online date, and I liked it. He admitted that I'd made quite an impression when we met that last time. We both found ourselves smiling quite a lot.

After drinks, we strolled around the neighborhood for what felt like hours. We smooched. We made plans for later in the week.

He emailed me today -- a very sweet followup. I emailed back. I smiled at my computer as I wrote to him.

And... I'm feeling a bit, well, superstitious, about writing too much about him just yet. I'm cautiously optimistic about him. The best way to describe this? He just feels like he "fits". Again, it's only been ONE date, but you know how it is. Sometimes you get that feeling, sometimes you don't.

It made me realize -- the two recent guys who I've been trying to make fit -- Sparky and Austin -- they just don't. It's only been two dates with Austin -- but I've now been out with Sparky five times, and I think it's time to finally acknowledge that the connection just isn't going to happen.

Tonight I had a drink with Guy Friend, and I told him about my evening with Jon, and mentioned his last name. Crazy coincidence: turns out Guy Friend dated Jon's sister a few years ago -- actually, for a period of a few months. Another kooky example that, for a big city, New York can be a very small town indeed.


Something She Dated said...

lol I feel giddy for you :)

Anonymous said...

So far, so good! Keep us posted!


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