Sunday, June 20, 2010

Hair crush... and then, this

I may have mentioned here before -- I just love a guy with a full, thick head of hair -- that's just my "thing".

I was on the road for work this week, and one guy I was working with had just that kind of hair. I briefly crushed on... those lush, full follicles. He was a pretty good-looking guy, but it was the hair that got me. Anyway, I know better than to hit on a co-worker, and soon realized his personality wasn't really my type anyway. But oh... that hair.

I've also been swooning a bit over this guy -- I'm a new fan of GLEE, having watched all the episodes over the past few weeks.

Then there's Jon Hamm (not the "real" Jon Hamm, but the guy I've been out with about 7 or 8 times) -- he has what one might determine a "pretty good" head of hair for a 40-something guy -- but with him, it's more about the whole picture. He is cute, but more important, he's warm, sweet, smart, affectionate. AND he thinks I'm beautiful, and tells me so.

Taking a slightly serious turn here right now - I can't go into details, but he seems to be having a bit of a medical "thing" going on at the moment. It's not as dire as cancer (heaven forbid) -- but it's more than a simple headache.

He's in the process of having some tests done. He's had to cancel at least one date with me because he wasn't feeling up to it. I completely understand that he probably has bigger things on his mind right now than thinking about anything to do with "us" (is there even an "us" yet, this early? It's been nearly a month since our first date).

Anyway. I've told him that I'm here to help in any way possible -- and right now, if that simply means sending along good wishes and funny YouTube links as a distraction, then so be it. He shows his appreciation by telling me things like, "you're as sweet as you are lovely.". (awww!)

I still don't want to date anyone else. I still have a good feeling about him... and I just know, in my gut, that he's going to be okay. Soon, I hope.


Ruby said...

Best wishes for Jon Hamm! I hope that whatever the medical concern, it passes quickly and harmlessly so the two of you can get down to business. ;)

Anonymous said...

Luv,Has Jon Hamm ever been married?


Anonymous said...

I like the bald guys myself...but I totally get how we all have "our things." Jon Hamm will appreciate the concern and funny distractions. When my mom died, I had a new (bald) guy who was so sweet and nice--just made me fall in love with him! I'll hope for the best and a romantic future.

Love in the Dumps said...

Yikes. I don't remember that happening in Mad Med though. Which season?

Anonymous said...

i'm glad things are going well with Jon Hamm!

and Glee! hooray! i just got hooked on it recently too. i am more into Mr. Schuester than I am into Jesse though :) i LOVE Mr. Schuester.