Friday, July 23, 2010

30 second update

My friend Lucky Girl and I were emailing this morning, and I mentioned that I had fallen way behind on the blog -- she reminded me, you're still a Kissing Bandit. :)

The quick update is that, since that weekend three weeks ago, I haven't kissed any other guys besides Jon Hamm. We're still taking things slowly -- this is largely my doing, as I've been going out of town a lot, enjoying fun summer destinations.

Without making a big deal of it, one night last week I organized a bar night out and invited not only my close friends, but also Jon. Lucky Girl wrote this to me the next day:
I REALLY like Jon Hamm. He's got great eyes and a warm smile. He seems smart and has a good sense of humor and is engaging and seems crazy about you. At first impression he appears to be a really good guy. I'm glad you're feeling positive abut him again. He might be a keeper :-)

He IS an amazing guy -- but there's still something that's giving me pause. I can't really go into it now -- maybe at some point down the road. He's not a convicted felon, or a Republican, or anything like that.

Right now, I'm just taking things slowly, and trying to be patient. More to come!

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Kissing bandit

I kissed two new guys last weekend.

I know - I recently mentioned that I wasn't planning to date new guys. This is still semi-true. And I'm not planning to *date* either of the guys I kissed -- I was away for the weekend, and each one was kind of a one-off.

[Note: this weekend location is one of those summer destinations where people tend to hook up left and right. I've been going here for a few years, and have kissed maybe three guys there in all that time -- which is nothing compared to the hooking up that most people engage in. If you're interested in details about this summer fun spot, write me at ]

Friday's guy: eight years my junior. Cute, and funny, but not the kind of guy you'd swoon over. We kissed til about 4 am.

I saw him out the next night -- we chatted a bit, then went back to hanging out with our respective friends. I later saw him and his friend with two new women, and (foolishly) felt a little stab in the ego when I noted that "his" woman was quite a bit younger and thinner than I. Then I went back to having a blast with my friends, and decided that's what I'd rather be doing anyway.

He later walked me home, and we had a five-minute kiss goodnight... and I realized this was something that would never work in "real life". But it was fun while it lasted. (ha - all 5 hours of it...)

The next day, I decided that I wanted to kiss someone new, and identified the perfect candidate: a sweet, cute, but somewhat shy guy who didn't live in NY. Perfect! Let's call him Sunday Guy. By 1 am, we were bouncing on a trampoline while wearing togas, before laying back in said trampoline, gazing at the stars and smooching. A perfect summer night.

What of Jon Hamm, you ask? He's still in the picture -- though I must admit, at the moment I'm feeling summery and flirty and noncommittal. At the same time, I'm enjoying hanging out with him -- it's been once a week, on average -- perfect. He's still sweet and thoughtful and gives great foot rubs. No need to wonder where this is going right now -- there will be time for that, if this continues.

Ah, summer!

Friday, July 2, 2010

Jon Hamm: stop and go

After I last wrote, I went on a business trip for nearly a week. Jon Hamm and I had plans to get together upon my return, which he had to cancel because he wasn't feeling well. Plans made a few days later were canceled as well. In the meantime, I felt that his warm, sweet emails were tapering off.

I was disappointed, but tried not to dwell on it -- I knew that I simply had to wait until I saw him again to get an idea of his level of interest -- and I had to give him an extra dose of leeway because he hasn't been well lately.

In the meantime, I thought that maybe I'd start dating other guys again. He and I haven't discussed exclusivity -- it's way too soon -- but after our first date, I just wanted to get to know him more, and take a break from the dating merry-go-round.

On our next date -- nearly two weeks after we'd previously seen each other -- he greeted me with a big hug and a sexy, warm kiss hello. He still *seemed* interested -- but I felt a little off, perhaps a result of the longer-than-usual time between seeing each other. I just needed to get a feel for him all over again. That *off* feeling stayed with me most of the evening.

The next day, I had a busy day at work, which I'd anticipated, and had told him about the night before. That night, he called. Just to say "hi", and ask about my day. And, just like that, I felt that I got my groove back with him -- something about that call just made me feel warm and fuzzy.

His thoughtful emails have resumed -- they're not treacly, more of the vein of "here's that link to that thing we talked about the other night". There's an occasional "can't wait to see you again". Our last date was a few days ago -- a mellow night with a few drinks. And now, I'm about to go out of town for the holiday weekend -- we have plans to see each other early next week, if he's feeling up to it.

Some *good* news: it seems that he may have a diagnosis for this malady that's been giving him a lot of discomfort (and often pain) these past few weeks. Fingers crossed!

I mentioned that last week I was contemplating dating other guys -- I think I'm going to shelve that thought for now. One, I'm too busy with work right now... and two, I really like Jon Hamm, and it seems that he likes me as well. For what it's worth: I noticed that he hasn't logged onto the dating site in about 3 weeks. That doesn't necessarily mean anything, but still made me smile.

Ha -- in the meantime -- lately, there's been a pattern emerging of guys from my past popping up. Smiley sometimes texts, asking if I'm free for a drink -- it's always last minute, and never good timing. Hoffman (from about 4 months ago) recently got back in touch -- I told him I'm seeing someone. Smooch (with whom I had maybe 3 dates over a period of 4 months) recently got back in touch. Must be this warm weather!